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Internal Planning

  • Have you internally agreed on the need for a waste management plan and allocated staff responsibility?

  • Have you checked any tendering, contractual or rating tool requirements for a waste management plan?

  • Have relevant sub-contractors agreed to follow the waste management plan?


  • Have material quantities been selected to minimize over-ordering?

  • Has consideration been given to the use of secondary and recycled materials?

  • Can unwanted packaging be returned to the supplier for recycling or re-use?

  • Can unused materials be returned to the supplier or used on another job?

  • Have designers used standard material sizes wherever possible?

Project Planning

  • Has responsibility for waste management planning and compliance with environmental legislation been communicated to all staff and identified subcontractors?

  • Have you identified likely waste arising (how much, when, and what types)?

  • Has an area of the site been designated for waste management and bins?

  • Has the time between delivery of materials and installation been minimized, to reduce the risk of damage to materials, which turns into waste?

  • Have waste targets been set for the different types of waste likely to arise from the project?

  • Have measures been put in place to deal with any hazardous waste?

  • Have you considered the implications of the disposal of liquid wastes such as wash-down water and lubricants?

  • Have you checked any requirements for water wastes with the Water Corporation or Swan River Trust (if applicable)?

  • Have opportunities been considered for re-use or reprocessing of materials on-site?

  • Have you researched disposal costs for separated waste that may have a commercial value?


  • Has responsibility for waste management on-site and compliance with environmental legislation been assigned to a named individual regularly onsite?

  • Have toolbox talks or inductions been planned for all site personnel about waste management on-site?

  • Are selected waste materials separated to allow the best value to be obtained from recycling waste management practices?

  • Are containers/bins clearly labeled to avoid confusion/contamination?

  • During operations, have you monitored that waste is being placed in the bins correctly if using the source separation system?

  • During site operations, are barriers to good waste management noted for incorporation into the post-completion review?

  • Have you made sure that the bins are, where possible, removed from view, to help avoid illegal dumping of rubbish?


  • Has a final report of use of recycled materials, waste reduction, and separation, with costs and savings identified, been completed?

  • Have key waste management successes been considered for action at future projects?

  • Have you considered promotional opportunities for any successes eg. awards programs, local media, industry media (eg. Master Builder Magazine) or in staff newsletters?


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