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Kitchen Audit

Information, Instruction & Training

  • Food Allergen Procedure in place

  • Weekly Record Book in place

  • Operating Manuals in place

  • Dietary Requirements in place

  • Waste Records in place

  • Staff Fire Procedure – Laminated & Visible

  • Food & Hygiene certificates displayed

  • Are relevant food hygiene signs and posters on display in the food area/s? Allergen posters, menus state allergen traces?


  • Is a digital thermometer with a probe and sanitising wipes available to record temperatures?

  • Has the thermometer been calibrated monthly and a record kept?

  • Are repairs and maintenance managed effectively and are records available?

  • Are Equipment service records in date and available?

  • Where food is transported are there satisfactory arrangements to prevent cross contamination of food and ensure adequate temperature control?

Food Supplies & Deliveries

  • Are all food deliveries made by the nominated suppliers?

  • Are delivery checks recorded?

  • Are stock takes in place and managed effectively?

  • Is the Ordering/Budget managed effectively?


  • Are all stored products stored correctly, labelled and within date codes?

  • Are all stored goods stock rotated effectively?

  • Do all fridges, freezers, chill rooms have the operating temperatures displayed?

  • Are all fridge, freezers, chill rooms operating at their specified temperature?

  • Are the operating temperatures checked at least twice daily and recorded?

  • Do records indicate that correct temperatures are achieved?

Cross Contamination

  • If food stored appropriately and protected from contamination?

  • Are high risk foods stored appropriately?

  • Are there designated areas where high risk foods are prepared separately?

  • Are colour coded equipment in place and used appropriately?

  • Are equipment and surfaces easily cleanable?

  • Are food/hand contact surfaces sufficiently sanitised between use?

  • Do food handlers wash and dry hands sufficiently?

  • Do all cleaning chemicals have labels, stored appropriately, COSHH RA’s and Data sheets

Personal Hygiene

  • Are all staff wearing sufficient PPE?

  • Is staff personal hygiene satisfactory?

  • Are the correct first-aid facilities in place and checked accordingly?

  • Is the illness of food handlers reported in line with policy and procedure and records up to date?

  • Are there sufficient wash-hand basins and drying facilities for food handlers?

Cooking & Re-heating

  • Are cooking and re-heating temperatures of food logged?

  • Is food cooled in a suitable area or using appropriate equipment?

  • Are the time periods for cooling food monitored?

  • If leftover food is reused is the food cooled appropriately and temperatures of food checked and recorded?


  • Is there an effective cleaning schedule in place?

  • Is the cleaning monitored by manager and records maintained?

  • Is there designation of cleaning equipment for specific areas?

  • Are there sufficient sinks to adequately clean food and wash equipment?

  • Is the dishwasher maintained effectively?

Pest Control

  • Is an adequate pest control contract in place?

  • Have all pest problems been dealt with effectively?

  • Are all pest control contractor visits recorded and available?

  • Are all Fly Screens and Electronic Fly Exterminators clean, in place and positioned correctly?

Waste Disposal

  • Are there sufficient waste bins with close fitting lids and pedals available?

  • Is waste removed from the kitchen daily?

  • Is oil and cooking fate disposed of correctly?

Fixtures & Fittings

  • Are the floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows in a good state of repair and easily cleanable?

  • Is the level of lighting in the food area adequate?

  • Are ventilation filters cleaned/replaced regularly?

  • Is the drainage system inspected and cleaned?


  • Are comprehensive records and outcomes of all complaints logged?

  • Lessons learnt have been shared and actions taken?


  • Is a copy of the latest EHO inspection available and displayed?

  • Have all EHO inspections been carried out?


  • Are staff able to deal with food content queries?

  • Are appropriate risk assessments in place?

  • Oven gloves are in good repair and fit for purpose

  • Burns kit and first aid kit checks undertaken


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