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  • Client / Site

  • Reference Number

  • Date and Time of Inspection

  • Inspected by

  • Location


  • Description of work

  • Take a photo of the workplace



  • Are all welding operators trained/certified?

  • Are all instructions clear and understood by operators?

  • Are all welding operators familiar with the welding machine?

  • Are all welding operators aware of the type of materials to be weld?

  • Do all welding operators wear proper PPE?

  • REFERENCE: Welding operator wear proper PPE
    [This is an example of how you can use iAuditor to include best practice reference images in your templates to assist with inspections]

    wearing ppe_ref.jpg
  • Are welding operators aware of all safety and emergency protocols?


  • Are all welding cables, wirings, and electrode holder insulations in good working condition?

  • Are all welding terminals and joints in good working condition?

  • Is the size of cable suitable for voltage supply?


  • Is work area clean and free of flammables and obstructions?

  • Is work area well ventilated?

  • Is there a suitable Class ABC fire extinguisher nearby while welding?

  • Are combustible floors wetted or protected?

  • Are combustible walls shielded or guarded?

  • Is fire blanket available within the area?

  • Are warning signs placed within the area?

  • Is work area restricted to regular employees?


  • Is arch shield used to provide an extra layer of protection?

  • Do all welding operators wear an approved respirator?

  • Are all welding operators insulated from work and ground?

  • Are all welding operators use dry insulation?

  • Do welding operators avoid coiling of electrode cable around any part of their body?

  • Are oxygen cylinders handled with clean hands or gloves?

  • Are fuel-gas cylinders placed with valve end up?

  • Is cylinder not attached when lifting a machine?


  • Are all combustible materials swept away?

  • Are all welding equipment turned off and properly stored?

  • Is gas cylinder valve fully closed and put away safely?

  • Are all equipment clean and stored properly?

  • Are waste items disposed properly in designated and appropriate waste container?

  • Are all incidents reported to a supervisor?


  • Recommendation

  • Overall Rating

  • Inspector's Name and Signature

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