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Menu Planning / Meal Preparation

  • Are the residents encouraged to participate in menu planning and the preparation where possible?

Dining Experience

  • Does the dining room look welcoming

  • Are tables set with?

  • Linen Table Cloths and Napkins?

  • Cutlery and Non-Plastic Glasses

  • Place settings laid out correctly

  • Do staff create a relaxed and social atmosphere by limiting distractions and minimising noise?

  • Are residents offered the choice of sitting in either a wheelchair or an ordinary chair?

  • Are residents provided with an opportunity to make choices according to their preferences in order to:

  • Socialise with other residents

  • Socialise with staff?

  • Relax?

  • Is the temperature in the dining area, when full, at a comfortable level?

  • Is the food served at a pace that is appropriate to all diners?

  • On a scale of 1 - 10 please rate the appearance of the plated food, where 1 is very poor and 10 is excellent.

  • Are snacks available as an alternative to large meals

  • Is there an interesting combination of textures and colours?


  • Does the food smell appetising?

  • Do unpleasant smells interfere with eating?

Taste test

  • On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is Very poor and 10 is excellent please rate the food for taste.

  • Was the food presented hot?

  • Is the food in keeping with cultural and religious food requirements of individual residents

  • Was the food served appropriate to the residents appetite?

Assistance and Support

  • Is the food cut up in a sensitive manner for those who cannot manage to do it for themselves?

  • Do residents receive discreet and appropriate support to eat a meal by


  • Do staff apply good standards of hygiene?

  • Was tea and coffee served or made available after the meal to allow residents time to relax and chat?

  • Are teapots, coffee and cold drink facilities available to enable residents to pour their own drinks?

  • Are hot drinks freshly made?


  • Had the residents been given a choice of at least 2 options of meals prior to having them served?

  • Are residents given appropriate time to savour their food before the next course is offered?

  • Are second helpings available?

  • Is a sweet trolley used to offer a variety of desserts?

  • Did resident 1 enjoy their mealtime experience and have they made any comments?

  • Did resident 2 enjoy their mealtime experience and have they made a comment?

  • Did resident 3 enjoy their mealtime experience and have they made a comment?

  • Please take a picture of the meal that has been served

  • Please demonstrate the choice that been offered.

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