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  • Location

Food Premises Information / Inspection Details

  • Proprietors/Directors

  • E-mail address

  • Phone Number

  • Person Interviewed

  • Food Safety Supervisor

  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate Number

  • FSS Certificate Valid until

  • Number of Staff FTE

  • Type of Inspection

General Requirements

  • 1. Food Business has notified current details to Wentworth Shire Council 3.2.2 Clause 4

  • 2. Food business has notified current Food Safety Supervisor to Wentworth Shire Council Food Act s106

  • 3. FSS Certificate is on the Premises Food Act s106

Hand Washing Facilities

  • 4. Hand wash facility correctly located and adequately sized

  • 5. Hand wash facility accessible

  • 6. Hand wash facility clearly designated

  • 7. Warm running water provided to hand washing facility

  • 8. Single use towels provided near hand wash facility

Food Handler Health Hygiene

  • 9. Hands are washed when they are likely to be a source of contamination

  • 10. Hands, wrists, forearms & fingernails clean

  • 11. Bandages/dressings completely covered with water proof dressings

  • 12. Food handler displaying any signs of illness restricted from food areas

  • 13. Food handlers with long hair tied up

  • 14. Food handlers have skills and knowledge to handle food safely

  • Provide food handlers with the skills and knowledge to handle food safely

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  • 15. Hands are washed before commencing/recommencing work, after using the toilet, coughing, sneezing, smoking, handling raw meat, cleaning etc.

4.0 Food Receival

  • 16. List of suppliers and manufacturers available

  • 17. Food is sourced from licensed businesses and is traceable (meat, seafood, plant and dairy products)

  • 18. Food is received from a licensed vehicle where required (current NSW Food Authority Sticker observed on vehicle)

  • 19. All food received is in good condition, with no damage to packaging and no signs of contamination

  • 20. Temperature checks are carried out upon receival and recorded

  • 21. Dry goods, chemicals, packaging are delivered at room temperature

  • 22. Unpackaged Ready to Eat (RTE) food separate from raw foods.

  • 23. No food is in direct contact with floor

Food Handling Controls

  • 24. Food protected from the possibility of contamination; food receipt, storage, preparation, display and transport

  • 25. Potentially hazardous food (PHF) is under temperature control: food receipt, storage, display and transport; less than 5 degrees or above 60 degrees. Frozen food is hard frozen

  • 26. Processing of foods; take all practicable measures to process only safe and suitable food, prevent liklihood of contamination, use process steps if necessary

  • 27. Cooked PHF is cooled rapidly (2+4 hr rule); items thawed correctly and processed quickly

  • 28. Reheating PHF is rapid - oven, stove top or microwave but not bain marie

  • 29. Self serve food bar is supervised, has separate utensils and sneeze guard clause

  • 30. Food wraps and containers will not cause contamination

  • 31. Food for disposal is identified and separated from normal stock

Cleaning and Sanitising & Maintenance

  • 32. All food contact surfaces are clean and serviceable

  • 33. All food contact surfaces are subject to a cleaning and maintenance program

  • 34. Eating and drinking utensils clean

  • 35. Premises, fixtures, fittings and equipment maintained to an appropriate standard of cleanliness

Design and Construction

  • 36. General design and construction of premise appropriate

  • 37. Adequate supply of potable water available

  • 38. Effective sewage and waste water disposal system

  • 39. Adequate storage facilities for garbage & recyclables

  • 40. Premises has sufficient lighting

  • 41. Floors are able to be effectively cleaned, are appropriately designed and constructed and do not permit harbourage of pests

  • 42. Walls, ceilings are sealed and able to be effectively cleaned, are appropriately designed and constructed and do not permit harbourage of pests

  • 43. Sufficient ventilation provided within the premises

  • 44. Premises has adequate storage facilities (personal items, food, chemicals)


  • 45. Food labelling complies with the Food Standards Code 1.2

  • 46. For 'Standard Food Outlet', nutritional information displayed

  • 47. Food business is aware of the Raw Egg Guideline

  • 48. Food business is aware of its obligations regarding allergens

Animals and Pests

  • 49. Animals not permitted in areas where food is handled

  • 50. Practical pest exclusion measures used (screens)

  • 51. Practical measures to eradicate and prevent harbourage of pests (housekeeping, stock rotation, pest control)

  • 52. No signs of infestation or rodent activity in premises

Further Action

  • Further action required

  • Comments

Fees to be Charges

  • Inspection Fee

  • Administration Fee

Acknowledgement of Report - I have read this report and understand the contents

  • Owner/employee signature

  • Officers Name

  • Wentworth Shire Council

  • Officers Signature

  • NB: Assessment report contains findings from date/time of inspection only

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