• Western Extrusions - ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY PROGRAM General Planned Inspection

  • Shop or area

  • Date of inspection

  • Performed by

  • Other Personnel doing the Inspection

Safety behavior (Work Practices, PPE ETC)

  • Proper PPE being utilized by personnel

  • No Unsafe acts being performed by personnel

  • 4 Man push policy utilized – loaded heavy racks

  • Proper lifting techniques being performed

  • No gloves being utilized on spinning / rotating machinery

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Head protection areas designated and enforced

  • Hearing protection utilized in required areas

  • Face/eye protection in place where needed

  • Safety foot protection being worn (Metguards in Paint, Die Shop, P6 Packing, cast house)

  • Proper PPE is used when handling hazardous materials

Work Areas/ Housekeeping/ Egress

  • Floor surfaces dry/free of trip hazards/ no exposed floor openings

  • Work stations clean / orderly within safe conditions

  • Adequate lighting at work stations

  • Exit Paths / Exit Doors not blocked / locked

  • Exit Signs illuminated / Good condition

  • Walkways maintained,aisles defined, uncluttered

Slip/Trip/Fall Hazards

  • Portable ladders equipped with non-slip feet

  • Walking, parking, break areas free of hazards, well maintained

  • Potential Trip Hazards: Airlines, Hoses, Cords, Materials, Trash, Debris, etc.

  • Aluminum chips on floor / Spilling out of containment / going out into yard

First Aid/ Emergency Response

  • First aid kits stocked/accessible

  • Plant/ Department Evacuation plan posted

  • SDS Sheets readily available in designated areas

Environmental / hazmat

  • Spill Kits readily available / stocked

  • GHS labeling available; secondary containers

  • NFPA signage available *if applicable

  • Hazardous materials containers labeled

  • Smoking and eating prohibited in work areas where exposure exists

  • Eyewash/emergency shower available and functional

  • Storage of chemicals outside with out containment

  • Oily, rusty or greasy equipment stored outside with out cover

Fire Emergency

  • Extinguishers not blocked, marked and inspected - charged

  • Emergency exits marked, unblocked, with lighted sign above, give access to clear egress path

  • Eye washes inspected, marked, working and unblocked

  • Oil / flammable rags/and flammable materials stored flammable containers

  • Bonding and grounding used with storage of flammable materials

  • Excessive Oil leaks on floor

  • Dust collection units are in good condition and have no holes or dust escaping from machine

Electrical Safety

  • Electrical junction boxes in safe condition

  • Damaged wiring on equipment / machinery

  • Electrical cords in safe condition

  • Temp. wiring used as permanent wiring

  • Electrical cords above 25’ in length used

  • Electrical panels have clear access (3ft. Clearance all around)

  • Outlets, switches and boxes have covers

  • Permanent wiring in place- no extension cords

  • Electrical cords: Grounded, any bare wires

Hand/Power Tools

  • Power tools properly grounded/ have safety power switch

  • Defective tools are removed from service

  • Proper guards are provided, tools electrically grounded or double insulated

  • Safe utilization of hand and power tools

  • Electric power tools in safe condition

  • Hand tooling in safe condition (hammers, box cutters, etc)

Lock Out/Tag Out

  • Equipment in disrepair has been locked out

  • Review employee placing lockout to ensure knowledge.

  • All equipment has lockout instructions and lockout points

  • LOTO devices, tags and locks are available. Tags have names.

Mobile equipment

  • Observed operating at safe speeds

  • Equipped with back-up alarms

  • Seat belt worn by operator

  • Observed safe loading and unloading practices

  • Forklift inspected and in good condition

  • Operator certified to operate forklift (clearly designated)


  • Employees seen lifting over 50 lbs or backward objects

  • Body positions detected that could cause illnesses or injuries?

  • Platforms and work stools provided for employees.

  • Risk Rating

  • Excessive vibration in tooling detected

Materials Handling /Lifting operations

  • Cranes: Daily Inspection performed

  • Crane: Operators stand off to side while in operation

  • Chains, slings, in good condition

  • Eye bolts, loops and other lifting devices in good condition

  • Crane: crane, hoist, pendant, chain bag in good condition

  • Forklift inspected and in good condition

  • Forklift: Proper staging/ stacking of racks

  • Forklift: Propane Gas Escape Valve point upward

  • Cantilever arms bent, not aligned or loose

  • Cantilever columns bent, damaged or not secured in place.

Confined spaces

  • Entrance to Confined space has permit, equipment and rescue.

  • All confines spaces haves signs and are secured

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