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General Questions

  • What kind of Audit is it?

  • Reason for audit

  • Is 5S is a constructive part of toolbox meetings.

  • Do Toolbox meetings reports show evidence about 5S?

S1 - Sort Activities

  • Tripping dangers such as electrical cables, etc. are removed from standing/walking areas.

  • Only the required furniture is present at the workstation. All broken or unnecessary chairs, shelves, lockers, workbenches, etc. not required to make the current product is removed from the workplace.

  • Only the required equipment is present at the workstation. All obsolete, broken or unnecessary equipment, shelves, lockers, workbenches, etc. not required to make the current product is removed from the workplace.

  • Only the required paperwork is present at the workstation. Out-dated or otherwise unnecessary posters, memos, announcements, reports, etc. are removed from the workplace.

  • Only the required tools are present at the workstation. Items not required to make the current product are removed from the workplace.

  • Only the required spare parts, materials, WIP, etc. are present at the workstation. Items not required to make the current product are removed from the workplace.

  • General Impression Sort Activities

  • Auditor Notes

S2 - Set in order Activities

  • Locations for containers, boxes, bins, WIP, materials, etc. is clearly defined by painted lines and properly labeled (ID, Barcode, part number, quantity, etc.).

  • Tools have a designated storage location (tool holder, tool stand) that is within close reach of the operator. The location is properly labeled and tools can easily be identified if absent. (Tool shadow board)

  • Paperwork is properly labeled, signed and has a clearly defined and labeled location that is visible to the operators and away from work surfaces.

  • Equipment is clearly identified by label (numbered, personalized to location, named, color coded, etc.) and placed in a properly identified location. Critical maintenance points are clearly marked.

  • Furniture is clearly identified (numbered, named, color coded, etc.) and placed in a properly identified location.

  • Work areas requiring personal protective equipment are clearly labeled.

  • Stop switches and breakers are highly visible and located for easy access in case of emergency.

  • Fire hoses, fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment are prominently displayed and are unobstructed. Clear floor markings.

  • Working conditions are ergonomically friendly. Tools are stored at appropriate heights, lift assist devices are provided where necessary, no tools are on the floor, etc.

  • The workplace layout accommodates easy exit in case of emergency.

  • Walkways and vehicle paths are clearly identified and unobstructed. Exits are clearly labeled and unobstructed.

  • General impression Set In Order

  • Auditor Notes

S3 - Shine Activities

  • Containers, boxes, bins, etc. are clean and not cracked, torn, or otherwise damaged. They are neatly stacked.

  • Tools are kept clean and in good working order. Where possible, tools are stored in a manner to keep them clean and free from risk of damage.

  • Paperwork is not torn, kept clean and protected from dirt.

  • Work surfaces (machines, workbenches, dies, and other equipment including electrical boxes) are clean and painted.

  • Floors are free from dirt, debris, oil, parts, hardware, empty boxes, packaging material, etc. Drains (if required) are properly located and unclogged.

  • Walls, partitions, personal cabinets, railings, etc. are painted and kept clean.

  • There is a schedule showing times, frequency and responsibilities to clean areas of the workplace such as windows, corners, walls, doors, top of cabinets, etc.

  • All equipment, including cleaning equipment is neatly stored and is readily available when needed.

  • All personal protective equipment is maintained in sanitary and reliable condition and is properly stored in a easily accessible and labeled location when not in use.

  • Equipment safety concerns are clearly identified. Safety guards are painted in visible colors (preferred in color sulfide yellow) in good working condition and provide adequate protection.

  • All racking are organized and labeled by department use and articles stored.

  • Overall impression of Shine Activities

  • Auditor Notes

S4 - Standardize Activities

  • Tools, equipment, paperwork, furniture, etc. are stored neatly in designated areas and are returned immediately after each use.

  • Documents are labeled clearly as to contents and responsibility for control and revision. The date and revision number are clearly visible.

  • Equipment maintenance records are visible and clearly state when maintenance last occurred and when next maintenance is scheduled.

  • Product waste (e.g. shavings, containers, liquids, wrappers, etc.) is consistently and often cleaned up and removed from the workplace.

  • Preventive measures have been implemented to ensure the workplace meets 5S guidelines (e.g. systems that do not allow waste to accumulate such as containers to collect product debris from machines).

  • The results of the previous audit are posted and clearly visible to the entire team.

  • Areas for improvement identified during the previous audit have been completed.

  • The work environment satisfies the requirements of the work being performed. Lighting (brightness and color), air quality, temperature, etc.

  • Auditor rating of standardizing implementation

  • Auditor notes

S5 - Sustain Activities

  • A member of Management has participated in a 5S activity such as an audit or other activity within the past 3 audit periods.

  • Recognition is given to teams who get involved in 5S activities.

  • Time and resources are allocated to 5S activities (e.g. designated daily/weekly clean-up time, 5S team leader, etc.)

  • All operators, team leaders, supervisors, etc. are assigned 5S activities to be completed at least once/week.

  • The team took the initiative to make improvements to the workplace that were not identified during the last 5S audit.

  • Impression of implemented sustain activities

  • Auditors notes

Basic Machinery Inspection

  • All electric connections, cable plug, wall mounted plugs are according to local regulations and without visible damage

  • All pneumatic couplings are airtight and proper working without air-loss

  • All machinery has dedicated operators with training certificates.

  • Operating instructions are known to operator and accessable.


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