Induction Details

  • Inductee details

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Contact number

Determination of Responsibility

  • The following section is required to identify the responsibility of all parties.

  • The Workplace Supervisor has responsibility for the training and assessment of the trainee(s) competency to operate specified equipment in the workplace. These persons are listed below, the person conducting the training will be he designated 'responsible' person.

  • Responsible person:

Pre-operation Safety Check

  • These checks are to be completed prior to each use

  • Logbook check and fill

  • Visual check - electrical
    Look for damage, fray etc

  • Structural check
    Check machine structure and safety cage for possible structural damage I.e dents, cracks etc

Operation Instructions

  • Safety Features

  • Outriggers
    Check level & Indicator lights

  • Manual Emergency valve

  • Emergency Stop button

  • PPE requirements

  • Safety harness use

  • Hard hat

  • Closed shoes

  • Public Safety

  • Notification of work in progress
    Keep clear

  • Safety cones
    Place safety cones to designate perimeter

  • General Operation

  • Overhead safety
    Look up when going up, look down when going down

  • Laser pointer to align

  • Weight Restriction
    1 Man lift ONLY
    159kg weight limit (operator inclusive)

  • Height Restriction - 7.9m working height
    Platform height 5.9m

  • Excessive slope restrictions

  • Emergency Stop button

  • Hazard restriction

  • Wind Restriction
    Unit is rated for 0m/s wind speed

Deceleration of Competence

  • By signing this document both inductee & inductor agree that the undersigned inductee has displayed adequate proficiency in operation and has full understanding of the workplace health & safety aspects (covered in this induction) in operating the Haulotte Quick Up 8.


  • For the Inductee:

  • For the Inductee:

  • For the Inductee:

  • For the Inductee:

  • For the Inductee:

  • For the Inductee:

  • For the Inductee:

  • For the Inductor:

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