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  • If any question is not relevant to your Property leave the question unanswered.

  • Where a NO is answered a Photo must be attached.

  • Where a NO is answered a work order should be raised.

First Aid & Emergency

  • Is emergency contact list and first aiders' name(s) readily accessible?

  • Is EWIS fully functional and audible in all areas (incl amenities)?

  • Are evacuation plans up-to-date and clearly displayed?

  • Are medical/first aid kits stocked up and easily accessible?

  • Have all fire equipment been checked in the last 6 months and Safety?

  • Other

Evacuation Diagram

  • Is there an emergency evacuation plan in place?

  • “You are here” should be clearly marked on the diagram and the site drawing should be oriented correctly to that location

  • Designated fire exits should be clearly marked on the diagram in GREEN

  • Fire host reels, hydrants, fire blankets and fire extinguishers should all be clearly marked on the diagram in RED

  • Any emergency communication equipment should be marked, including Warden intercommunication points, manual call points and warning equipment controls and panels

  • Any Safety refuges should be clearly marked

  • The location of the Assembly point should EITHER be clearly marked in relation to the floor plan OR stated clearly in words

  • A clear easily read legend explaining the symbols used in the diagram

  • Is the Validity date of the drawing current

  • Other

Mall Area / Food Court

  • Are common area floors and passageways unobstructed?

  • Are all handrails/balustrades free of damage?

  • Is all lighting including exits, correctly operational?

  • Are fire exits unobstructed?

  • Are ‘no smoking’ areas correctly signed?

  • Are all stair nosing’s/treads in good condition?

  • Is signage to service cupboards in place?

  • Are drainage grates, grilles & tiles in good repair and flush?

  • Are ‘worker only’ and ‘limited Access’ advisory signs in place and maintained as such?

  • Are there any water leaks?

  • Are service cupboards free some no unauthorised materials stored in them?

  • Are floors kept clear of boxes/power leads/chords etc?

  • Are cleaners’ rooms locked and secured?

  • Are carpets and Mats in good condition?

  • Are all mops, buckets and other cleaning equipment neatly stowed?

  • Other

Escalators and Travelators

  • Is emergency button signage in place?

  • All comb plates are in good repair

  • Are anti-climb guards in Place?

  • Are provisions in place to deal with wet weather risks?

  • Other

Car Parks and Driveways

  • Pedestrians walkways sign posted, clearly defined unobstructed, in good condition and separated from vehicle movement?

  • Speed humps are prominently marked, and signs posted?

  • Car park speed limit displayed?

  • Line markings are clear?

  • Exclusion exemption signs and disclaimers are clear?

  • Security cameras are operational and functional?

  • Fume level detection and extraction systems are operational and in good working condition?

  • Boom gates/Roller shutters are operating correctly?

  • Ground surface free of cracks and potholes?

  • Height Safety bars installed and in good condition?

  • Other

Hazardous Chemicals

  • SDS' is current and filed in cleaners’ rooms

  • HAZCHEM signage displayed

  • All flammable goods stored in locked cupboards

  • First Aid kits is visible, and sign posted in cleaners’ room

  • All chemicals stored in appropriate containers/bunded

  • Other


  • Do all machines and equipment have safety instructions and signage?

  • Do all machines and equipment have safety switches?

  • Is machine/equipment guarding adequate and functional?

  • Is there a daily maintenance running sheet (to track any risk control activities)?

  • Are fatigue-prevention floor mats available?

  • Have all worker received appropriate training on the usage/ maintenance of machines and equipment?

  • Are all walkways clearly marked?

  • Is machine/equipment lighting adequate?

  • Have power tools and equipment been tested and tagged?

  • Are heavy items safely stored and accessible?

  • Are maintenance trolleys in good working order?

  • Is welding equipment in good condition and stored correctly?

  • Are gas cylinders stored upright, restrained and in a well-ventilated area?

  • Is lifting equipment well maintained and stored?

  • Is fire equipment available and regularly serviced?

  • Other


  • The feeder bins have been inspected and are free of damage

  • The door seal has been inspected and is free of damage

  • The control panel and power supply have been inspected and are in good operational condition

  • All electrical equipment is secure

  • The bin lifter is in good working order

  • The chute and chute loading doors are in good working order

  • Safety cut-off switches on doors have been checked and are in good working order?

  • Safety cut-off switches on cages have been checked and are in good working order?

  • Operator is aware of SOP and is fully trained?

  • Warning labels and instructions about what action to take if compactor becomes jammed are displayed

  • Structure has been inspected and there is no damage

  • Is the key to the compactor removed when not in use?

  • Other

Amenities & Parent Care Rooms

  • Are all amenities clean and well maintained?

  • Are there liquid soap and paper towels available?

  • Are the hand dryers in good working condition?

  • All power points in good condition?

  • Change table is in good repair?

  • Bins are not overflowing?

  • Are cleaner’s rotation within required time frames?

  • Other:

Foot Paths/Walkways & Exterior

  • Roads and pavement free from significant slip/trip/fall hazards?

  • All painted surfaces have been treated with anti-slip paint/material?

  • Handrails secure, no sharp edges?

  • Kerbs and bollards highlighted and in good condition?

  • Trees shrubs controlled to minimise injury or damage to property?

  • Gutters and drainage in good repair?

  • Temporary signage and other temporary structures are securely installed and in good condition?

  • Other

Construction Risks

  • Access to construction areas are restricted and locked

  • Contractor information displayed

  • Work areas in public areas are barricaded and sign posted

  • Contractors have been inducted

  • Other

Wet Weather Controls

  • Wet weather pedestrian entrances have Mat and Signage in place

  • Wet weather entrance to travelators/escalators/ramps controlled

  • Other

Roof Safety

  • Roof top entrance locked and restricted access signage in place

  • Walkways are in good repairs with no missing sections and securely fixed

  • Handrails secure, no sharp edges

  • Cooling tower ladders and platforms in good repair

  • Earth likeage provided and maintained

  • Other

Plant Rooms, Service Areas & Maintenance

  • Contractor management kiosk working and operational

  • Electrical switchboard secured

  • Maintenance and contractor lock out/tag out process document

  • Permit system in place

  • Cooling towers and chillers maintenance logbooks available

  • Cooling towers and chillers operational

  • Fan rooms, air handling units are clean and well maintained

  • Condensate drains/trays clean and well maintained

  • Exhaust vents filters are all clean and well maintained

  • Cooling and heating coils clean and well maintained

  • Lighting levels adequate

  • All plants and equipment registered with WorkCover as required

  • Stair pressurisation adequate

  • Hydrant capped tested and tagged

  • Fire hose reels clean, tested and tagged

  • Portable fire extinguishers tested and tagged

  • Annual fire certificate displayed

  • Other:

Property Management Office

  • Has all fire equipment been checked in the last 6 months?

  • Is emergency contact list, area wardens and first aiders’ name(s) displayed?

  • Are appropriate WHS Policy, Workers Compensation notices, Rehabilitation policies and Safety consultation information displayed in communication board?

  • Have all workers been recently refreshed on procedures, should an incident occur?

  • Are evacuation plans up-to-date and clearly displayed?

  • Are medical/first aid kits stocked up and easily accessible?

  • Floor is in good condition. E.g. no slip or trip hazards?

  • Suitable lighting levels in place?

  • Are all power points in good condition?

  • Electrical test and tagging are in place and current?

  • Double adaptors or extension leads have been doubled up?

  • Are worker amenities clean and well maintained?

  • Is access to work areas free from obstructions?

  • Are doors and doorways kept clear with clearance for door opening?

  • Other:

Addtional Comments

  • Any other observations or recommendations

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.