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Building and Precinct

  • Are the floors/carpets in good condition?

  • Are walls and ceilings in good condition?

  • Are stairs safe and clear of any rubbish?

  • Are light fittings and ceiling tiles secure?

  • Are all lights working correctly?

  • Does the exterior of the building appear free from defects?

  • Are all footpaths around the building safe and free of any hazards?

  • Can traffic move safely around the building?


  • Are the floors clean, dry and free of trip hazards?

  • Are stairways, walkways and exits free of obstructions?

  • Do doors open easily?

  • Are work areas uncluttered?

  • Have all redundant pieces of equipment or substances been removed?

  • Have all unclaimed or accumulated items and rubbish been removed?

  • Are all items stored appropriately? i.e. heavy items on the ground and lighter items up high

  • Have all non risk assessed and non general office or kitchen chemicals been removed?

  • Are kitchen benches and sinks clean?

  • Are kitchen chemicals clearly labelled?

  • Are gloves available for tasks that may require them? e.g. cleaning up glass

  • Are all electrical cords in good conditions and away from sink/wet areas?

  • Are toilets and change rooms clean and hygienic?

  • Is the fridge clean and clear of all excess food items?

  • Are storage areas clean and tidy?

  • Have all old items been removed from storage areas?

  • Are all heavy items stored below 1.5m high?

  • Are items stored securely so that they will not fall?

  • Are suitable trolleys, lifters and steps available for the tasks performed in the environment?

  • Are suitable ladders or steps available to retrieve items stored at height?


  • Are lighting levels comfortable for the work undertaken?

  • Is excessive glare or reflection minimised?

  • Are all lighting covers fixed securely?

  • Are all fluoro tubes and globes operating?

  • Are noise levels comfortable?

  • Is the ventilation and air-conditioning acceptable?

  • Are photocopiers and printers in well ventilated areas?


  • Are first aid signs displayed

  • Are first aid kits clean, well-stocked and accessible?

  • Are first aid kits regularly maintained? See WHS10 form.

  • Are first aid officers and emergency personnel listed in a prominent position?

  • Are fire extinguishers and blankets in good condition and secured well?

  • Are fire extinguishers free from obstructions?

  • Have fire extinguishers been inspected in the last 6 months?

  • Are walkways and exits clear and free of obstructions?

  • Do the emergency exits have illuminated signage?

  • Are the wall mounted building evacuation maps current and correct? If not, contact FM-Assist to update

Electrical Equipment

  • Are all electrical items free from signs of damage or wear?

  • Have all electrical items been electrically tested and tagged?

  • Are all power boards of good quality, surge protected and fitted with individual switches?

  • Are all switches, power points, power-boards and cords free of cracks, buzzing and affixed properly?

  • Are all switches, power points, power-boards and cords free from overloading?

  • Are extension cords only being used temporarily or tucked away or covered so they don't pose a trip hazard?

  • Is 'piggy backing' of power boards avoided?

  • Is all damaged or inoperable equipment labelled as such?

Low risk equipment

  • Is all equipment of low risk in good condition and free from undue wear and tear or damage?


  • Are workstations setup so that good posture is encouraged?


  • Is the general office area and all desk spaces (including drawers) free from any chemicals?

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