Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Road name

  • Location
  • Department

  • Conducted on

  • Department

  • Supervisor name?

  • traffic controller team leader name

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  • Traffic management company

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  • TGS Prepared by

  • TCC department

  • Nature of work

  • Road configuration


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  • Are traffic controller licenses current

  • Are traffic controller licenses on the person

  • Has the daily risk assessment been completed

  • Is a copy of the MUTCD held on site

  • Is the MUTCD the current edition

  • Has daily risk assessment been completed?

Pre start

  • Is there a council order for these works

  • Is there a TMR permit for these works

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  • Is there a Queensland Police Permit on site for these works

  • Is there a site appropriate TGS on site for these works

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  • Has site / toolbox meeting been completed

  • Has an outline of,intended works been completed

  • Was the outline communicated to all staff

  • Has a site risk assessment been completed for these works

  • Do traffic controllers have sufficient access to amenities


  • Is the TRAFFIC GUIDANCE SCHEME relevant for the intended works

  • Has the pre-approved TRAFFIC GUIDANCE SCHEME been amended in any way

  • Is the TRAFFIC GUIDANCE SCHEME compliant

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  • Are the signs placed correctly (eg set out distances allowing for terrain and any obstructions)

  • Are the signs visible

  • Are the speed reductions in the correct steps

  • Are all approaches considered and signed appropriately

  • Are they mounted at the correct height

  • Are the signs in serviceable condition

  • Add media

  • Are there any contradictory, distracting or superfluous signs or markings

  • Are END ROADWORKS signs installed where requierd

  • Are the speed restoration installed where required with the correct speed

  • Are the signs checked periodically


  • Is the taper clear and understandable to approaching traffic

  • Is the taper length sufficient as per the MUTCD

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  • Is the delineation suitable and leaves no doubt which part of the road way is available for traffic

  • If traffic cones/bollards are used are they the correct size and placed at 5-25 meter spacing

  • Is the colour of the delineation acceptable and are the cones in good condition

  • If cones/bollards are used at night are they fitted with white retro-reflective bands

Traffic control

  • Has public transport been considered

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  • Are communications adequate between traffic controllers

  • Are traffic controllers receiving regular breaks as per M.U.T.C.D

  • Are STOP/SLOW bats of the correct type and in good condition and at the correct height

  • Are the traffic controllers located in the best position and have a suitable escape path

  • Have side roads and access points been adequately catered for

  • Are traffic controllers operating in a 60 kp/h or less speed zone

  • Are TRAFFIC CONTROLLER AHEAD/PREPARE TO STOP signs located the required distance in advance of traffic controllers

  • Are TRAFFIC CONTROLLER / PREPARE TO STOP signs being removed when traffic controllers are not in attendance

  • Are WORKMEN SYMBOLIC signs in place as per the M.U.T.C.D

  • Are WORKMAN SYMBOLIC signs removed when not required (eg when no workers are present or visible )

  • Are portable traffic lights, VMS and arrow boards used correctly

Health and safety

  • Are satisfactory risk controls in place when workers are working close to moving and/or reversing plant. (Eg communications systems, spotters, eye contact etc)

  • Are pedestrians and plant effectively segregated or catered for

Pedestrian and cycle movement

  • Are suitable protected crossing points

  • Are appropriate signs and barricades provided and leave no doubt for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Has a safe and delineated passage been provided for pedestrians and cyclists around work zone

  • Have wheel chairs been clattered for ( eg temporary ramps and navigable paths)

  • Have cyclists, strollers and prams been catered for

  • Are minimum widths of temporary facilities appropriate

Traffic controller and appropriate PPE

  • Correct traffic control attire being used and in good condition

  • Approved hard hat with shade brim or approved wide brim hat worn

  • Safety footwear worn. Class 1 steel capped boots

  • Two way radios in working order

  • Safety sunglasses worn

  • Night wands used correctly and in working order -night work only

  • Bowyangs or similar lower body retro-reflective garments worn -night work only

  • Clear safety glasses worn - night work only

  • Are traffic controllers safely lit and clearly visible- night work only

General comments or opportunities for improvement

  • Photos / comments

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