Is access/egress to building safe?

Are pathways around the building well maintained?

Are the grounds clear of litter and debris?

Is adequate lighting provided for access/egress to building?

Is there appropriate security for persons when accessing /egress from building?

Are sheds/carports etc in good repair?

Is guttering in good repair and regularly cleaned of debris? Is this documented?

Are surfaces outside safe for slip hazards in wet conditions?

Smoking areas identified – bins provided?

INTERNAL BUILDINGS - General all area’s

Passageways/walkways free from obstruction?

Lighting adequate for each work station/area?

Floor planning and air space adequate for comfort and safety?

Are all areas well ventilated?

Is adequate Heating/Cooling devices installed?

Are Air Conditioning units regularly serviced? Are records available to document this?

All area’s free from Noise Hazards both excessive and white noise?


Are Kitchen / amenities, and floors kept clean, good repair and free from obstruction?

Is safe, cool drinking water available?

Are Adequate storage appliances and utensils available?

Are Kitchen appliances and furniture in good repair & clean?

Baby Bottles!

Children access to Kitchen?


Are all toilets/showers kept clean?

Are all toilets/showers cubicles private and have working locks?

Is there adequate ventilation?

Is there at least one hand basin/s with both hot and cold running water for every 15 employees

Is there soap dispensers provided?

Is there hand drying facilities provided?

Are sanitary disposal units provided and regularly serviced?

Are floors designed to minimise slips/falls when wet?

Are there adequate toilet facilities for size and operations of organisation premises?

Other Amenities

Are adequate bins provided and emptied frequently?

Are water coolers serviced regularly and filters cleaned?

Are all floor surfaces clean and in good repair?

Is the building in good repair? E.g. No leaks, holes in walls, structural damage etc.

Work Area Design

Are work stations set up ergonomically?

Is there adequate storage space?

Is good housekeeping maintained?

Is there adequate storage space available for each work area within the building?

Emergency Planning / Fire See: Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 and AS3745 Emergency control organisation and procedures for buildings

Are emergency evacuation plans/procedures displayed and current?

Are visitors to workplace informed of emergency procedures?

Are fire/evacuation exits clearly marked?

Are fire exits and emergency evacuation pathways free of obstruction?

Are effective fire alarms fitted?

Are there other alarm systems for all other emergencies fitted?

Are emergency contact lists clearly displayed?

Are fire and alarm systems regularly tested and functioning correctly?

Is there Fire extinguishers/fire fighting equipment made available?

Is Fire extinguishers/fire fighting equipment regularly tested?

Is access to fire fighting equipment free from obstruction?

Is all fire compliance documentation stored in fire proof storage?

First Aid

Are all First Aid Kits/Stations clearly signed?

Are there adequate First Aid kits available?

Are there trained First Aid Personnel onsite? Are their names displayed?

If no First Aid person are adequate First Aid procedures in place?

Are First Aid Kits up to date and regularly serviced?

Are the First Aid kits appropriate for the work performed?

Equipment and Plant

Are all items of Plant & Equipment maintained in good working order?

Are defective items of Plant & Equipment tagged correctly and isolated so they cannot be used?

Have any items of Plant & Equipment been modified? If yes have modifications been registered?


Are All Appliances and Electrical Equipment maintained in good working order?

Are defective items Electrical Equipment tagged correctly and isolated so they cannot be used?

Are all electrical circuits run on a working Safety Switch (RCD)?

Is the Safety Switch Clearly labelled and identifiable in circuit box?

If not are all Electrical items tested & Tagged?

Is the Electrical Circuit box easily identifiable, secure and accessible by staff?

Are Electrical Leads used correctly?

Are Electrical leads secured to minimise risk of trips/falls or entanglement?

Are Electrical Leads & Devices Stored and operated correctly? E.g. away from water sources.

Are power switches & Outlets in good repair?

Are Light fittings & Fixtures in good repair?

Double adaptors and piggyback plugs are prohibited are these in use?

No frayed or Damaged Leads/Cords?

Have employees been trained in the safe use of Electrical items in the work environment?

Do employees know of emergency procedure if electrocution occurs?

Are operation manuals available for electrical equipment?

Are there appropriate electrical documentation/ certificates available? Are they stored correctly?

Hazardous Substances/Chemicals

Is there a register of all Hazardous substances used in the workplace?

Are Material Safety Data Sheets Available and clearly identifiable?

Are all containers containing hazardous substances and/or chemicals clearly labelled?

Are all containers containing hazardous substances and/or chemicals appropriate for each substance?

Are Risk Assessments conducted on all Hazardous substances and chemicals in the work environment?

Are emergency procedures in place in case of incidents/exposure to hazardous substances or chemicals?

Is the Poisons Information phone number clearly displayed on MSDS folder and in office?

Are all Hazardous substances/ Chemicals secured to prevent unauthorised access?


Is vehicle registration current and sticker displayed?

Is Vehicle log book filled out correctly?

Has the vehicles normal operator checked general maintenance items? E.g. oil, water, tyre pressure. Is this documented?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.