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Workplace Inspection

1.0 Fire Prevention

  • 1.1 Fire extinguisher in place and clearly marked for type of fire?

  • 1.2 Indicator signs 2.1 m above floor level?

  • 1.3 Fire extinguisher in good condition?

  • 1.4 Maintenance tag is signed and dated?

  • 1.5 Pressure gauge is in the green and is not damaged?

  • 1.6 Fire extinguisher clear of obstructions?

2.0 First Aid Box

  • 2.1 Name and contact number of first aid box Person In-Charge (PIC) are displayed?

  • 2.2 Seal is present and not broken?

  • 2.3 First aid box and contents are clean and orderly?

  • 2.4 First aid kits are adequate and readily accessible?

  • 2.5 Record book are available?

  • 2.6 All items that taken from first-aid box recorded in record book?

3.0 Emergency Response & Preparedness

  • 3.1 Emergency contact number are displayed?

  • 3.2 Fire exits and route are clearly marked, easily identifiable and free from obstruction?

4.0 Floors, Corridors and Walkways

  • 4.1 Floor areas and corridors are clearly defined and clear of obstructions?

  • 4.2 Access / Egress points always kept clear?

  • 4.3 Walking surface is maintained to prevent slips, trips and falls?

  • 4.4 Non-slip matting used where slippery condition exist?

  • 4.5 Floors kept clean?

  • 4.6 Floor openings or holes are guarded by cover, grating or guardrail on all sides?

  • 4.7 Stair and risers kept clear?

  • 4.8 Railings in good condition?

5.0 Cleanliness

  • 5.1 Waste disposal facilities are provided for all types of waste and can cope with all generated waste?

  • 5.2 Pest controls are in place?

  • 5.3 No foods and drinks in the work area?

6.0 Amenities

  • 6.1 Toilet are maintained in a safe, healthy condition and clean?

  • 6.2 Drinking water is readily available?

  • 6.3 Eatery maintained in a safe and healthy condition?

7.0 Environment

  • 7.1 Natural ventilation is used to remove stale air odour (eg: windows, roller doors)?

  • 7.2 Mechanical ventilation is used as necessary to minimise unhealthy breathing conditions (eg: fans, fume extractors)?

  • 7.3 Ventilation where provided in workplace is working (eg: air conditioning)?

  • 7.4 Windows and doors in good working condition?

  • 7.5 Containers and other items would water could accumulate disposed of properly?

  • 7.6 Water containers covered properly?

  • 7.7 Ditches free from blockage?

  • 7.8 Containers with stagnant water clean regularly?

8.0 Lighting

  • 8.1 Good natural lighting?

  • 8.2 Lamps or light sources are clean and provide adequate illumination for working?

  • 8.3 Reflected light from walls & ceilings not causing glare to employees?

  • 8.4 Warning "Exit" signs are in a good condition and can be clearly seen form a far?

9.0 Working Area

  • 9.1 Sufficient working space?

  • 9.2 Sufficient storage provided?

  • 9.3 Work areas clean and tidy?

  • 9.4 No unnecessary items in the working area?

  • 9.5 Tools are in good condition and in their designated place?

  • 9.6 Machine and equipment guards are in place and secure?

  • 9.7 Cords, cables and hoses are bundled up when not in use?

  • 9.8 Noise level controlled?

10.0 Storage Area

  • 10.1 Heavier and bulkier items are placed on the lower shelves of storage rack?

  • 10.2 Storage racks used are adequate for the task and in good condition?

  • 10.3 Stacked materials are placed on a flat and firm foundation?

  • 10.4 Storage areas are clean, tidy and organised?

11.0 Electrical Equipment

  • 11.1 Inspection, testing and maintenance procedure is implemented?

  • 11.2 Switched and power points are in good condition?

  • 11.3 Double adaptors and piggy backs are not in used?

  • 11.4 No physical damage to any electrical equipment?

12.0 Hazardous Substances

  • 12.1 SDS are available, updated and readily accessible?

  • 12.2 Master list of all chemicals are available and in place?

  • 12.3 Containers that store hazardous substance are appropriately labelled?

  • 12.4 Containers properly stored and closed when not in use?

  • 12.5 Adequate ventilation provided?

13.1 Ergonomics

  • 13.1 Furniture, desk and chair are ergonomic and in good condition?

  • 13.2 Chairs are height and tilt adjustable?

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