• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Daily Site Inspection

  • Inspection carried out at the following time

  • Add the Supervisor in charge of the area

  • Name
  • Name

  • Number

Safety System

  • Add the The name(s) of employees at the mucking wedge.

  • Name
  • Name

  • Number

  • Are all employees aware of the company's 5 point safety system?

  • Did the employees attend the morning crew line up meeting?<br>

  • Did the employee fill out the daily safety topic on his 5 point safety card?

  • Does the employee have the proper PPE for the job at hand?

  • Are all any permits required?


  • Is hard hat in good condition?

  • Are boots in good condition?

  • Is the employee wearing proper reflective material? (Must have reflective material on arms, legs and front and back of upper body?

  • Is belt in good order and within 5 years of expioary?


  • Are there any hazards in the travel way?

  • Is the travel way in good condition?

Site Specific Hazards - Slips/Trips/Falls

  • Are there updated prints in the work heading?

  • Is ground conditions in good order?

  • Is there a scaling bar at the work heading?

  • Are barricades in place?

  • Does the work area have everything in place with good housekeeping?

  • Is the work area free of tripping hazards?

  • Is ground support up to standard and print followed?

  • Are employees working under supported ground?


  • Is the crew aware of the ventilation requirements for the heading

  • Is ventilation 50 feet from the working face?

  • Is the vent tubing in good order?

  • Is there sufficient ventilation in the work heading for the equipment being used?

Fall arrest

  • Is fall arrest required for the job site?

  • Are there proper anchor points?

  • Has the fall arrest been inspected?

  • Is fall arrest in good order?


  • Assessment carried out by

  • Name

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