Building & Precinct

Are gutters clean, sound and not leaking?

Are there any known or visual signs of roof leaks?

Is there any external cracking to buildings?

Is there a site traffic plan?

Are speed limits posted?

Sufficient external lighting for security/safety?

Other Observations?

Pest Control

Is there sign of rodent activity?

Is bird activity controlled?

Other Observations?

Electrical Safety

Are there any broken plugs or outlets?

Are there any frayed or damaged leads?

Are portable power tools in good condition?

Are there any the parody extension leads on floor?

Are emergency shut down procedures in place?

Are items correctly tagged and dated?

Are there portable RCD'S for power tools, etc?

Are there overload switches (RCD'S) on power boards?

Are there multiple double adaptors or power boards in a series?

Are there signs of overloading of power boards, power points?

Other Observations?

Fire Control

Are fire extinguishers in place & signed?

Are fire extinguishers within service dates?

Are exit signs in place?

Are exits clear of obstructions?

Does fire equipment appear to be in good condition?

Other Observations?

Walkways, Stairs and Ladders

Are floor areas clean, dry and free from slip/trip hazards?

Are walkways kept clear?

Are stairs in good condition?

Are handrails in place, where required?

Are portable ladders in good condition?

Are there work areas where fall protection is required?

Other Observations?


Is lighting adequate for work tasks?

Are light fittings clean and in good condition?

Is emergency lighting operable?

Are diffuser covers in place and securely fixed where required?

Other Observations?

Chemicals (Hazardous/Dangerous Substances)

Is there access to MSDS for all chemical products used?

Are chemical containers clearly labelled?

Are flammable substances stored in small quantities cabinet?

Is there adequate ventilation of work area?

Is there a Hazardous Substance register?

Have risk assessments been completed for hazardous substances?

Are there emergency spill kits available?

Other Observations?

First Aid

Is there a first kit/cabinet available and accessible?

Are employees aware of location of first aid kit?

Are adequate stocks available?

Are first aid records kept?

Is there a list of first aides and emergency contact numbers displayed?

Other Observations?

Machinery & Tools

Are tools in good condition?

Are correct tools used for task?

Is all plant and equipment adequately guarded?

Is plant and equipment adequately maintained?

Are the start & emergency stops within easy reach of operators?

Is ther provision for storage & waste?

Is there adequate work space around machinery?

Is access to machinery controlled?

Are noise levels at an acceptable level?

Are operators appropriately trained?

Do operators hold relevant certificates/licenses? (where relevant)

Are records maintained of operators certificates/licenses? (includes drivers licence)

Other Observations?

General Housekeeping

Are work areas clear of rubbish?

Are tools not in use stored appropriately?

Are bins full & overflowing?

Is there evidence of general clutter?

Other Observations?

Office Safety

Is the office clean and tidy?

Is furniture appropriate and sound?

Is there glare or reflections on computer screens?

Is there adequate ventilation around photocopiers?

Is air conditioning maintained?

Are work stations layouts suitable?

Are floor coverings sound?

Are fling cabinets drawers kept closed when not in use?

Other Obsevations?


Are materials stored so they will not fall?

Are materials stored so that good manual handling practices can be applied, therefore safe retrieval?

Are storage racks/cupboards in sound conditions, not overloaded?

Are straws free from projection, sharp egges?

Are incompatible hazard substances segregated?

Other Observations?

Workshop Areas

Are tools stored in an orderly manner?

Are any damaged tools evident?

Are gas cylinders restrained?

Is relevant PPE available & used?

Are drive belts / pulleys guarded?

Are work bench heights appropriate?

Are there manual handling aids?

Other Observations?

Welfare Matters

Are toilets clean?

Are kitchen facilities/lunchrooms clean?

Is drinking water available?

Are there washing facilities?

Other Observations?

Opportunity for Improvement

Corrective Actions

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.