• 1.1 Position title

  • 1.2 Responsibilities

  • 1.3 Client Summary

  • 1.4 Will employees receive site specific safety briefings prior to commencing work for that client?

  • 1.5 Does the induction cover the carers guide standard procedures?


  • 2.1 Is there safe parking available for care staff? Yes

  • 2.2 Is the entry free of obstruction and easy to access, incl gates, paths and gardens?

  • 2.3 Are steps and entry surfaces even and unobstructed

  • 2.4 Is there adequate lighting for access and egress during darkness?

  • 2.5 Is the front door accessible, easy to open and secure?


3.0 EXIT POINTS - all to be assessed

  • 3.1 Are the exit doors unobstructed and easy to open?

  • 3.2 Is the external path free from obstructions?

  • 3.3 Is there clear access to outside areas such as clothes lines and stores?

  • 3.4 Are all exit steps/ramps non-slip and unobstructed?

  • 3.5 Is there adequate lighting near exit points?

  • 3.6 Are all pets contained and away from workspace?

  • 4.1 All floor surfaces even, unobstructed and safe to walk on?

  • 4.2 Are all power points in working order without overloading or double adaptors?

  • 4.3 Is there a tagged RCD breaker installed to all light and power circuits in the main switchboard or elsewhere? Test the RCD using test button on inspection.

  • 4.4 Is the temperature comfortable in the house, or are there means to control it?

  • 4.5 Is there sufficient lighting in all areas?

  • 4.6 Are hardwired smoke detectors installed near each sleeping area, and do they respond to test?

  • 4.7 Is there a security system in place? Local or monitored?

  • 4.8 Is a first aid kit available and accessible?

  • 4.9 Is a current in-date fire extinguisher and fire blanket accessible?

  • 4.10 Is a phone (mobile or home) available, working and accessible


  • 5.1 Is hot water temperature safe and easy to use?

  • 5.2 Is broom and mop/bucket appropriate design and safe to use?

  • 5.3 Is vacuum cleaner appropriate design and safe to use?

  • 5.4 Are all chemicals stored away?

  • 5.5 Are all chemicals clearly labelled in original packaging?

  • 5.6 Are there any chemicals whose MSDS is not contained in the standard carer's MSDS pack?

6.0 PPE

  • 6.1 Is PPE readily available for use as required?

  • 6.2 Are clean storage areas available for PPE?

  • 6.3 Where applicable, does PPE provided meet with Aust Standards?

  • 6.4 Are disposable/rubber gloves and other PPE available for use iaw Carers Pack?

7.0 BATHROOMS - Assess each bathroom

  • 7.1 Is there clear access to shower/bath and space to perform expected tasks?

  • 7.2 Are all electrical equipment leads visually intact, with moulded plugs and stroed away from water?

  • 7.3 Are all power outlets in good condition and away from water?

  • 7.4 Is ventialtion by exhaust fan or window sufficient?


  • 8.1 Is the stove in good usable condition?

  • 8.2 Are steps available to reach high cupboards?

  • 8.3 Is bench height and surface adequate and safe?

  • 8.4 Is food preparation equipment in good repair and working order?


  • 9.1 Is there a washing machine available for use?

  • 9.2 Is there a table/bench space to reduce bending?

  • 9.3 Is there a laundry basket available?

  • 9.4 Are all electrical cords in good condition, with moulded plugs, and power outlets away from water risk?

  • 9.5 Is clothes line appropriate design and in good working order?


  • 10.1 Is there sufficient space to carry your duties?

  • 10.2 Is there adequate ventilation?

  • 10.3 Is the bed height adequate to avoid manual handling risks?

  • 10.4 Is the floor surface even and safe and clear of obstructions?


  • 11.1 Is the bed adequate with clean linen available?

  • 11.2 Is there adequate ventilation?

  • 11.3 Are security locks available on all doors?

  • 11.4 Is there appropriate access to a bathroom?


  • 12.1 Do the client and others agree to comply with the non-smoking requirements of this workplace?

  • 12.2 Are infection control guidelines in place for any infectious diseasese? Note if applicable.

  • 12.3 Is there a procedure in place to record changes in client function

  • 12.4 Is there a requirement for the carer to perform cleaning, gardening, shopping or other non-carer tasks?

  • 12.5 Are there challenging cient behavioural issues to consider in the care plan?


  • 13.1 Is the WPC manual in place with all documents included per checklist?

  • 13.2 Is a client care plan in place?

  • 13.3 Are client requirements and carer duties clearly outlined in care plan?

  • 13.4 Is a carer handover sheet in place and utilised?


  • 14.1 Are manual handling aids and requirements for client patients readily available to staff?

  • 14.2 Is a client manual handling risk assesment required to be carried out

  • 14.3 Are manual handling aids available?

  • 14.4 Are manual handling aids required?

  • 14.5 Given the aids available, are carers able to work without awkward or unusual postures or push/pull/excesssive weights?


  • 15.1 If vehicle utilisation is reuired, has WPC Client Vehicle Use Permission been obtained?

  • 15.2 If off-site excursions are required is there a need for a separate risk assessment on a needs basis?

  • 15.3 Is the vehicle suitably equipped for manual handling tasks and patient transport?

  • 15.4 Does the vehicle have suitable restraints for loads and passengers?

  • 15.5 Has the vehicle registration and insurance evidence been provided?

  • 15.6 Has the vehicles bi-annual road-worthyness (RACWA) report been provided?


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