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Site Establishment

  • Has worker completed site induction process?

  • Is correct PPE being worn?

  • Are workers smoking in designated smoking areas?

  • Is the requirement for permits understood?

  • Is the emergency response procedure understood?

  • Is it made sure that no drugs or alcohol exist on site?

  • Have the requirements for SWMS's been communicated?

  • Has the incident reporting requirement been communicated?

Traffic & Pedestrian Management

  • Are traffic controllers appropriately trained/qualified?

  • Are workers observing barriers and direction signage?

  • Are vehicles in correct parking location?

  • Are work areas barricaded and isolated using tape from traffic?

  • Are workers observing restricted zones and loading areas?

  • Are workers observing site speed limits?

Housekeeping - Waste Management

  • Are work areas tidy and kept clear of waste items?

  • Are rubbish bins/skips available and being utilised?

  • Is all equipment suitably stored and maintained?

  • Are bins and skips emptied regularly?

Trenching Excavation Underground

  • Have underground assets been identified and protected?<br>

  • Has a 3m clearance been observed for underground registered assets?

  • Have underground services been isolated and de-energised where possible?

  • Has ground stability been checked and risk controls implemented?

  • Is trench collapse prevented by shields and clearance distances?

  • Do appropriate precautions exist where a welder is in a trench?

  • Are ladders every 9m and are appropriate for access and egress?

  • Is a 2m clearance observed for underground electrical power?

  • Has the area been assessed for hazards, such as rock and water?

  • Has seepage been effectively controlled (pumps)?

  • Are trenches >1.5m shored, battered and benched?

  • Does a qualified spotter exist when a worker is in the trench?

  • Is the spoil pile >0.5m away from the trench?

  • Do barriers and covers protect excavated areas?

Trenching - Excavation - Underground Services

  • Have underground assets been identified and protected?

  • Have appropriate risk controls been implemented?

  • Are trenches greater than 1.5 metres shored or battered and benched?

  • Do appropriate precautions exist for welder a in trenches?

  • Are spoil piles greater than 0.5 metres away from trenches?

  • Are workers wearing all required PPE?

  • Has the area been assessed for hazards such as rock, water, etc?

  • Is seepage effectively controlled? (Pit pumps)

  • Is a qualified spotter available when a worker is in a trench?

  • Is trench collapse prevented by shields or clearance distances?

  • Is the excavation area secured with barriers, flags and warning tapes?

  • Ae ladders utilised and appropriate for access and egress?

Confined Spaces

  • Does an authorised permit exist for entry to C.S?

  • Is a SWMS available?

  • Are persons entering appropriately trained and qualified?

  • Are lifelines, harness apparatus and respirator in place?

  • Have permit conditions been observed for C.S entry?

  • Are SWMS risk controls appropriate and adequate?

  • Has the gas monitor been calibrated within the last 12 months?

Cranes - Forklift - Lifting Equipment

  • Have maximum load requirements been documented?

  • Is crane appropriate for reach radius & required loads?

  • Are operators appropriately qualified?

  • As outrigger arms appropriately supported?

  • Is lifting gear appropriately rated and tagged?

  • Are safety pins fitted to excavator quick hitches?

  • Is a spotter available when working near overhead power lines?

  • Are additional SWMS's & risk controls available for use of crane box?

  • Does Pre-operation inspections occur daily with records available?

  • Does the operator have full, unrestricted view of work load and work areas?

  • Is lifting gear (chains,slings) inspected prior to use?

  • Is all lifting gear showing no signs of damage?

  • Are SWMS completed for all work near overhead power lines?

  • Are No-Go clearance zones observed?

  • Are crane-box SWMS's risk controls appropriate & adequate?

Any work near overhead power lines

  • Is work being conducted according to approved SWMS?

  • Does a spotter exist for plant working near overhead power lines?

  • Is there an 8m No-Go clearance zone observed for Tower power lines?<br>

  • Are SWMS risk controls appropriate & adequate?

  • Is a 3m No-Go clearance zone over served for power pole lines?<br>

Concrete Formwork

  • Ae SWMS's available for erection & dismantling?

  • Is suitable access and egress provided to work areas?

  • Are for workers adequately instructed and supervised?

  • Are loads planned to avoid awkward postures/straining?

  • Are SWMS's risk controls appropriate and adequate?

  • Is mechanical equipment being used for hazardous manual handling tasks?

  • Is the application of repetitive or sustained forces being avoided?

  • Are rebar ends capped?

Erection of Precast Concrete Panels

  • Does erection follow Worksafe 'Industry Standard'?

  • Is an engineering erection stability plan followed (SWMS)?

  • Does adequate space exist for truck and crane operation?

  • Are panels lifted with rigging equipment in view of the crane operator?

  • Is it exercised that persons do not stand below or work on leaning elements?

  • Does panel lifting and erection cease in strong winds (>10m/s)?

  • Has the erection design engineer provided a compliance certificate?

  • Does the erection crew hold intermediate/advanced rigging licenses?

  • Are working zones barricaded off and warning signs posted?

  • Is it ensured persons do not pass under or stand beneath a suspended element?

  • Are damaged or faulty lifting inserts reported and replaced?

  • Are temporary braces well secured at 45-60 degrees to horizontal?

Mobile Plant and Equipment

  • Are SWMS's available? Are risk controls appropriate and adequate?

  • Is plant inspected daily and records available?

  • Do mobile plant and attachments operate within design limits?

  • Do audible alarms operate effectively?

  • Have SWMS risk controls been fully implemented?

  • Are operators appropriately qualified?

  • Is visible warning equipment fully operational?

  • Is work on slopes within rated limits?

  • Are travel surfaces stable, supportive and even?

Welding / Hot Work

  • Has a hot work permit been authorised?

  • Are fire extinguishers available?

  • Are barriers & signs applied to reduce the risk of sparks and splatters?

  • Is fume extraction appropriate where required?

  • Are permit conditions observed?

  • Are face shields, safety glasses, gloves, and other PPE being worn?

  • Has a spotter been placed where fire risks exist?

  • Are weld leads and/or gas hoses without damage?

  • Are flashback arrestors installed in oxy-acetylene gas hoses?

  • Do separate storage areas exist for fuel gases & oxygen?

  • Are welding areas clear of flammable/combustible materials?

  • Are gas pressure regulators inspected, tested and serviced?

  • Are oxy-acetylene cylinders kept upright and secured?<br>

Electrical Plant & Equipment

  • Are SWMS's available for work with high risk plant items?

  • Has testing and tagging been completed within 3 months for tools and leads?

  • Is an isolation lock and tag procedure applied?

  • Is a 1 metre clearance existing in front of temporary SWDB's?

  • Are electrical leads protected from water ingress?

  • Do any burn marks exist on leads, plugs or switches?

  • Are SWMS risk controls appropriate and adequate?

  • Are earth leakage circuit breakers (RCD) being used?

  • Are temporary SWDB'S tested monthly?

  • Are electrical leads connected through the underside of SWDB'S?

  • Are emergency stop buttons tested periodically?

  • Is construction wiring protected against damage?

  • Can main switches be locked off?

  • Are 240v flexible extension leads less than 35m in length?

Fixed Plant Risks

  • Are SWMS's available for work with high risk plant items?

  • Are machine controls clearly marked and labelled?

  • Are guards in place - interlock guards are tested?

  • Have relief devices for high pressure been tested?

  • Is isolation lock and tag procedure being applied?

  • Are exposed rotating parts being appropriately guarded?

  • Are workers wearing required eye and hearing protection?

  • Is SWMS's risk controls are appropriate and adequate?

  • Do emergency stops exist and are readily accessible and tested?

  • Are plant operators appropriately trained and qualified?

  • Are pressure lines clearly marked and labelled?

  • Is fume extraction appropriate (where required)?

  • Is plant serviced regularly and safe to use?

  • Have nip-points been appropriately guarded?

Compressed Gases

  • Are vessel contents clearly marked with DG class?

  • Is a current (within 5 years) MSDS available for each DG?

  • Are appropriate risk controls applied?

  • Are cylinders chained upright to prevent falling?

  • Is an emergency egress path maintained?

  • Are incompatible DG classes segregated?

  • Have hazards been identified from MSDS and intended use?

  • Do pressure relief valves vent to atmosphere?

  • Does a special storage area exist - no heat sources, fire risks?

Work at Heights

  • Are SWMS's available for work at height above 2m?

  • Is EWP or scaffolding used where practicable?

  • Have safety harnesses been inspected within the last 6 months?

  • Are portable ladders rated to 120 kgs and fit for purpose?

  • Does a rescue plan exist and is appropriate and adequate?

  • Are workers appropriately trained and qualified?

  • Are SWMS's risk controls appropriate and adequate?

  • Is appropriate edge protection provided?

  • Is harness safety equipment in good working order?

  • Are single worker harness anchor points rated to 15kN?

  • Are harness points for rescue rated to 21 kN?

  • Are harnesses worn by workers in boom lifts?

  • Do ladders extend 1m past access points and are secured?

  • Are non-conducting ladders used where electrical risks exist?


  • Has scaffolding greater than 4 metres been erected by a qualified person?

  • Has safe access/egress been provided with scaffold?

  • Are scaffold sole plates adequately supported?

  • Is a scaffold plan available and been followed?

  • Do scaffolds greater than 4 metres have inspection tags, stated SWL?

  • Does adequate bracing exist between standards and ledgers?

  • Do scaffold ties to building(s) structure exist approximately 4m apart?

  • Does scaffolding appear level and plumb?

  • Is falling object protection ( toe boards, barriers ) installed?

  • Is platform flooring non-slip?

Dangerous Goods - Hazardous Substances

  • Are containers fit for purpose and appropriately labelled?

  • Do workers demonstrate competency in managing risks?

  • Are incompatible substances appropriately segregated?

  • Does spill protection and procedures exist?

  • Is Chemical transfer equipment suitable and safe condition for task (E.G. leaks, Broken coupling)

  • Is a current (within 5 years) MSDS available?

  • Is appropriate PPE available and being used?

  • Are fire risks appropriately managed for class 3?

  • Are storage areas appropriately vented?

  • Safety shower/eye wash available & working?

Manual Handling Practices

  • Has hazardous manual handling been identified and assessed?

  • Are unstable loads secured prior to moving or lifting?

  • Are loads planned to avoid awkward postures or straining?

  • Is mechanical equipment used for hazardous manual handling tasks?

  • Is repetitive or sustained force avoided?


  • Has noise greater than 85 dB(A) been assessed?

  • Has hearing protection warning signs been posted?

  • Is noise reduced by the installation of attenuation at source?

  • Is PPE hearing protection being worn?

Radiation Hazards

  • Are adequate risk controls in place for Class 3 and 4 laser hazards?

  • Is radiation equipment manufacturer safety procedures observed?

  • Is PPE applied against UV hazards (sunscreen, hat, etc)?

  • Are nuclear densometer sources appropriately shielded?

Biological Hazards

  • Are biological hazards in tasks clearly understood?

  • Is appropriate PPE available and being used?

  • Do barriers and procedures provide effective protection?

  • Have workers been inoculated (Tetanus, Hepatitis)?

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