• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel attending the inspection

  • SCADA system operational and in good working order?

  • SCADA system readings evaluated to manual readings?

  • Plant inspection records available for review?

  • Are operational and maintenance manuals available and up to date? Does it include all transient non-community wells?

  • Does the O&M include all water source sites and the associated sampling and monitoring plans?

  • Independent regulation compliance review performed? Is the latest report findings on file and available?

  • Is Quality inspection performed on certified lab sampling procedures each week? Are the reports filed and available?

  • Is Pre-flushing performed prior to sampling being taken? Is chlorine residual readings being recorded?

  • Is a log file being kept for all 332 projects initiated to resolve equipment or system failures? Does the log provide the dated status of the project? Ie. In-programming, In-progress completed.

  • Is the water plant approved chemical listing posted to include quantities on hand and a verification date with the NFS/ANSI standard 60 certified for public drinking water systems?

  • Are internal and external site OSHA Safety inspection being performed monthly? Are reports filed and available?

  • Are monthly reviews of the New Jersey Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations being performed, NJAC 7:10-1.1 for changes to ensure compliance? Are these filed and available?


  • Inspecting Manager

  • Facility Manager

  • Safety Manager

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