• Site

  • Postcode:

  • Job Number Reference:

  • NBU Number:

  • Walk Off by:

  • Date of Walk Off:

Access Requirements

Site Information

  • Please ensure that if you have to install trunking on this installation or install new cables externally, Fire clips must be installed to comply with the new fire safety regulations and if any fire seals are broken make sure that you seal them before leaving site.

  • Number of Dwellings

  • Number of Floors

  • Photo of Building / Block Entrances

Access Requirements

  • Key Type

  • Provide Details

  • Access to Gardens

  • Dwelling Number And Contact Details if Available

System Information

System Information

  • Number of DP's

  • DP Information
  • DP Number

  • DP Location

  • Serves Properties

  • Photographs of DP (Open & Closed)

  • Photographs of Cable

  • Notes

Cable Route

  • Please Provide Photos of Cable Routes

  • Is this an Internal or External install?

  • Have You Installed Trunking?

  • Have You Had to Install Hatches?

  • Have You Installed Fibre Tube?

POE Information

  • Number of POE's

  • POE install Locations

  • Photo of POE example Install

Phase1 Test Results

  • Has The IOLM Testing Been Completed & Passed at Wavelength -1650?

Sign Off

Sign Off

  • Additional Notes / Information

  • Has the installation been completed as per the job pack provided?

  • Notes

  • Photograph of red line drawing

  • Name

  • Completed Sign Off

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