Site Manager Inspection

Daily Playground Check

  • Week Commencing the:

  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

  • Friday

Outside Areas

  • Perimeter Fencing and Gates

  • Damaged vandalism etc

  • Footpaths, Surface damage e.g. potholes

  • Raised paving, loose paving slabs, damage

  • Litter bins are empty and main school bins are secure and away from the building - Every Wednesday

  • Adverse weather conditions, Snow, Ice, Standing Water

  • Playing Field, Too wet etc

  • Broken Glass, Dangerous items etc

Building - Check every Friday

  • School Safety and Security Systems

  • Alarms, CCTV functioning

Building Fabric - Check every Friday

  • Doors and Windows, window restrictors

  • Check the external fabric of the school

  • Outside drains Not blocked, clean and covered


  • Benches, posts and guard rails are in a good condition

Monthly Play Equipment Check - 1st Tuesday of every month

  • Date:

Consumables: Chains, Wire ropes, Nuts-n-bolts All structures are inspected to ensure all moving parts have:

  • Missing, Bent, Broken, Loosened, Worn

  • Protrusions, Sharp edges

  • Not seized

  • No excessive motion

All structures are inspected to ensure all protective guardrails, handrails, barriers are not:

  • Missing

  • Bent

  • Broken

  • loosened

Access: All structures with access to a higher level are inspected to ensure all:

  • Hand and foot holds are present and in good condition

  • Non-slip treads are well maintained

Impact absorbing surface: The ground cover around the equipment is inspected to ensure:

  • The surface is clear of obstructions

  • The surface is in a good state of repair

  • Free from Trip hazards

  • There is sufficient impact absorbing material and/or grass underneath and around the equipment

Foundation: All supporting posts are inspected to ensure their stability is maintained

  • No excessive movement is present

  • Cracks in wooden structures do not run the full length of the post

  • The ground/surface around the posts are not exposed

  • Structures are not rotting/rusting away

Weekly Fire Alarm Checks - Every Tuesday

  • Location and call point number (picture)

  • Date of Test

Extinguisher and Emergency Lights

  • Location of extinguisher

  • Weekly Fire Extinguisher Checks

  • Monthly Emergency Lighting Checks - 2nd Tuesday every month

Fire Doors

  • Monthly Visual Inspection of fire doors. ensure all doors close during Fire Alarm Test - 3rd Tuesday every month

Disabled Toilets Alarms

  • Monthly Red Pull. Check visual and audible alarm - 4th Tuesday every month

Legionnaires Check

  • Flush unused outlets and update flushing log

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