HACCP Plan Templates

A HACCP plan is a food safety plan designed to identify and control biological, chemical, and physical hazards associated with the entire process of food production—from raw materials to consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a HACCP plan necessary?

First off, it is a legal requirement that organizations involved in food processing need to comply. Additionally, having a haccp plan in place offers benefits, some of which are: boost safety and quality of food products, reduces or eliminates occurrences of injury and illnesses, avoids costly fines and legal disputes caused by food safety offences, reduces downtime and diminishes product recalls, Enhances the organization's reputation.

How to develop a HACCP plan?

Developing a good haccp plan can be summed up into these 5 steps: assemble a HACCP team, describe the product and its intended use and consumers, review products and processes, outline the updated process, follow the 7 principles of HACCP

Who is responsible for developing a HACCP plan?

An organization can choose to assign someone from their assembled HACCP team to lead the development of the haccp plan. The individual should prove their knowledge and expertise to ensure a successful haccp plan.