Inventory Tracking Templates

Inventory tracking templates allow you to have real-time visibility over quantity levels in different locations: from warehousing to shop floors. In today's day and age they are crucial for almost every business in fulfilment because in order to meet orders you must have visibility over stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an inventory tracking template?

Inventory tracking templates are an important feature within stock management, they enable us to keep track of stock levels, in order to manage: order fulfilment, lead times, re-ordering and product information. They can help us provide excellent customer service by staying on top of order processing and fulfilment times.

What should my inventory tracking template include?

Your inventory tracking template can be customised to suit your working environment and industry. However, the basic elements of inventory tracking templates include: SKU (product name/code), product description, item location, units (quantity), reorder quantity, inventory value and restock dates.

Who should use my inventory tracking template?

An inventory tracking template is to be used by front-line employees during order fulfilment processes. They should also be used and analysed by warehouse or office management to decipher reorder quantities and manage lead times. An inventory tracking template is industry agnostic and can be used within almost every working environment to ensure supplies, products and basic amenities are kept in check. However, this template would be of most relevance to warehousing, logistics or retail industries.