Method Statement Templates

A method statement template is a tool usually used by high-risk industries to document or outline a series of steps for a specific task. This is to ensure that high-risk works are carried out safely. Using a method statement template can help mitigate likelihood of accidents, injury, property damage, or worse, fatality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Method Statements matter?

Employers have a duty of care for their workers. They are legally required to establish systems that will ensure a safe and healthy workplace. There are various health and safety systems that an organization can implement, among those are method statements. Method statements allow organizations to minimize and control the risks in the workplace by; Effectively communicating steps in carrying out a high risk work; Providing safety precautions to control risks and hazards identified in the risk assessment.

What makes a good Method Statement?

A good method statement should be able to provide clear and precise step-by-step instructions and consider hazards and control measures identified in the risk assessment. In the event that changes arise due to unforeseeable circumstances, teams should record the changes on the method statement, and make sure it is agreed upon and communicated with everyone.

Who is responsible for method statements?

A method statement is prepared by either a supervisor, manager, or any competent person adept with the working processes being reviewed.