1S - Sort (Seiri) Audit

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1.0 Tools & Equipment

  • 1.1 Are all tools and equipment in the work area used?

  • 1.2 Have all unneeded objects been removed from the station? Quarantine removed objects and identify them for permanent removal decision.

  • 1.3 Does each tool have a dedicated storage? Nothing should be laid on the ground, everything is in a container or on a pallet.

  • 1.4 Is there only needed equipment at the station? Examine the size of stock parts, ect.

2.0 Consumables, Parts, Chemicals, Files, Documents & Manuals

  • 2.1 Are all items in the station used? No unused items present.

  • 2.2 Is the part storage method at the station working? Usable, expiry date, FIFO in place.

  • 2.3 Does each item have an identified place? Nothing is laid on the ground, everything is at least in a container or pallet.

  • 2.4 Is the area clear of any overstock in the workplace?

  • 2.5 Are consumables and chemicals clearly identified?

3.0 Work Area

  • 3.1 Do we have the needed equipment to do the job? Is it close to the work area? Is it available? Are there any safety or ergonomic risks?

  • 3.2 Is the equipment complete and functional? If not, have the issues been identified with a tag and put on the tag monitor action list?

  • 3.3 Is all equipment at the workplace necessary?

  • 3.4 Are there recycle bins in the work area? Are they sufficient? Are they properly used?

  • 3.5 Has all garbage been removed from the work area? If not, have items yet to be removed been tagged for removal?

  • 3.6 Is the area clear of any unused electrical/computer cables?

  • 3.7 Are the display materials necessary and relevant?

  • 3.8 Have all personal items been properly sorted?

  • 3.9 Do fire suppression devices exist near the work area? Are they visible? Accessible? Operational?

  • General Notes/Observations

  • Signature of Lead Auditor

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