• Document No.

Employer Details

  • Company name.

  • Workplace address (Including postcode)
  • Number of Employees.

  • Nature of business.

  • Insurers name:

  • Date.

  • Policy number:

  • Day of Month:

  • Expiry Month:

  • Expiry Year:

  • Main contact person.

  • Phone number.

  • Health and safety contact.

  • Email address.

  • T2000 Area/Dept Appraisal.

  • Type of work carried out by the learner at the workplace location.

  • CDA/LA Name.

Risk Banding

  • Risk Banding

  • Next Assessment due date

Authorisation of Placement

  • Fully approved.

  • Conditionally Approved (Subject to completion of Development Plan).

  • Unsatisfactory.

  • Authorising Signature.



  • Company

  • Review Type

  • Physical

  • Desktop Audit

  • Note to the HSE Advisor: Is there and action plan / reports of none-conformance linked to the company? If yes, give details below.


  • 1. Have there been any changes since the initial assessment? Eg relocation, ownership, name etc?

  • 2. Have the Health and Safety Policy / Risk Assessments been reviewed?

  • 3. Is there a sample of the documentation within the company file?

  • 4. Has the learner been involved in an accident in the workplace since training commenced?

  • 5. Has the learner been involved in a fire drill since the initial appraisal?

  • 6. Has the HSE Advisor received a tour of the workplace?

  • 7. Do suitable and sufficient control measures appear to be in place?

  • 8. Has the learner(s) received any other Health and Safety Training through the employer

  • Detail of action plan arising from the review (stating follow up / completion date)

The employer or their representative sign to agree this is an accurate record of assessment

  • Name & Job Title

  • To the Authorising Officer:
    It is recommended that the above named organisation should be regarded as:-
    Conditionally Approved. ( Subject to Completion of Development Plan)
    As a training provider of work experience / on the job training for Training 2000 Ltd.

  • HSE Advisor Signature.

H&S FM025 (a)

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