Date of inspection

Vehicle registration Number




AMEY order numer

Are courtesy boards set out?

Is site specific risk assessment valid?

If required by location do operatives have NRSWA accreditation ?

Do operatives carry EUSR safe digging cards?

Are visitors inducted by ganger / team leader?

Are ID cards carried by operatives?

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PPE Worn?
Helmet,high viz, safety footwear, risk assessed other as required

Utility drawings available ?

Services identified and marked?

CAT and genny 4 on site and in use?

Operatives have Leptospirosis cards?

Suitable site access and egress where required

Operatives aware of accident/ hazard reporting procedure?

In date gang pack on site?

Is the Health, Safety and Environment pack available and at correct issue status?

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Plant stored safely away from excavation ?

Plant suitable for operation?

Plant in good condition

Suitable straps available to secure excavator on trailer

Operatives trained and competent to use plant on site ?

Dust suppression available?

Test, inspection, calibration certificates available?

All plant within service / calibration date

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Excavation shored where required by depth / conditions?

Materials stored in safe location away from watercourse / drains

Operatives trained in trench support?

If temporary works are required is design available

Is inspection regime in place

Is suitable access / egress available

Has check been carried out to ensure excavation does not undermine any structures?

Is methodology and plant suitable for works being carried out?

Are siting services / ducts correctly supported?

Is there adequate edge protection in place

Is spoil stored sufficient distance from excavation ?

If heras fencing is required and used is it double clipped?

Is deep excavation signage in place on site?

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Are team / gang aware of public convenience location?

Are wash facilities / wipes available onsite

Are there adequate drinking water facilities on site

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Are correct barriers / signs set up ?

Is all plant / equipment inside barriers?

Sandbags used where necessary?

Are pedestrian walkways suitable and fit for purpose?

Are kerb ramps if used fit for purpose and secure?

If used are footway boards fit for purpose?

If traffic lights are used are they correctly set up ?

Are stop / go boards available if required ?

Are materials / spoil / stores correctly guarded?

Is there an information board on site ?

Are vehicles parked considerately ?

Is there a copy of the street works red book on site?

Additional comments


Are vehicle and trailer tyres in roadworthy condition?

Is the driver correctly trained / certificated to drive vehicle and or tow if required.

Is there a fitted and working flashing beacon on plant / vehicle

Are vehicle defects recorded and has depot been advised of defects?

Are keys removed from vehicle when not in use and is vehicle secure when not in use?

Are all loads secure and covered where necessary

Is windscreen free from damage

Does vehicle appear overloaded?

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Is there a charge, calibrated and in date gas detector on site?

Has atmosphere been tested prior to entry?

Are operatives trained for confined space entry?

Is there sufficient light for the working area?

Are tools and equipment suitable for the working environment and maintained / tested / calibrated?

Is there safe access and egress?

Is there suitable ventilation?

Additional comments


Has customer impact been assessed?

Has customer been informed of the works?

Does site project the correct image?

Additional comments


Are there an adequate number of first aides on site?

Is the fire extinguisher in the vehicle serviced yearly?

Is there a suitable first aid box with eye wash on site?

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Are chemicals and fuels stored in bunds and prevented from accidental damage?

Is spoil stored to prevent risks to watercourses?

Is a spill kit available on site?

Is there adequate storage for hazardous substances?

Is noise kept to a minimum?

Is dust suppression carried out to reduce dispersion?

Is care taken to prevent damage to tree roots ?

Is waste segregated and stored correctly?

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Are all operatives wearing correct corporate or non badged PPE ?

Is clothing in acceptable condition?

Is clothing reasonably clean and visible?

Is vehicle clean, tidy, displaying correct livery and free from damage?

Have any customer queries been resolved?

Is there a physical barrier between cab and rear of vehicle

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.