1.0 - Previous inspection

  • 1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • 1.2 - Are there any outstanding actions? If yes, please reference the last report

2.0 - Security, Emergency Response, Alarms, Regulatory Postings

  • 2.1 - Is there an Evacuation map(s) posted in appropriate location? e.g. at notice boards and throughout the facility

  • 2.2 - Does the Evacuation map(s) have the locations for fire hose reels, eye wash stations, first aid, AED(s) and fire extinguishers marked?

  • 2.3 - Extinguishers & Emergency Lighting, Eye wash stations, First Aid kits, AED's inspected monthly, in working order and serviced as required e.g. annual basis via 3rd party?

  • 2.4 - Accessibility - Life safety equipment (extinguishers, hose-reels, AED's etc) free from obstructions?

  • 2.5 - Postings & Documents - Are regulatory, SPOC's, First Aiders, JHSC members & other contact information posted and up to date

  • 2.6 - Drills - Are evacuation and spill drills up to date?

  • 2.7 - Installed Systems - Are fire alarm systems, exit lighting, installed and in good working order?

  • 2.8 - Has evacuation and other drills taken place as required across all shifts?

  • 2.9 - All access control devices and doors are in good working condition

3.0 - Lighting

  • 3.1 - Lighting is adequate and in good condition internal and external of facility?

4.0 - Building Safety (interior)

  • 4.1 - Floor surfaces do not have holes, are even and uncluttered?

  • 4.2 - Entry, exits and walkways kept clear, marked, in good condition?

  • 4.10 - Asbestos, lead paint or other building hazardous materials being managed in place?

  • 4.11 - Loading area clean and tidy?

5.0 - General

  • 5.1 - No unguarded equipment (grinders, drill press, bench grinders)

  • 5.2 - No damaged hand/powertools/cords

  • 5.3 - Equipment location/storage correct and/or not blocking electrical panels

  • 5.4 - Housekeeping in good order, Covered bins located at suitable points around site, Flammable cabinets in order, No odors, Dumpsters covered and not leaking.

  • 5.6 Pedestrian & PIT Traffic Route Risk? e.g. Assessment completed & implemented, class 2 vest , or additional controls required?

  • 5.5 - Restrooms, Hand-washing practice, associated signage, soap and hot work in good working order

  • 5.7 - Smoking arrangements in place (designated area, no cigarette butts)

  • 5.8 - Eating & Drinking arrangements in place and not on the warehouse floor

  • 5.10 - Pest Control - The 18in perimeter is maintained clean and free from materials blocking access to pest control traps. Pest Log up to date/signed off. No signs of flies, insects or rodents

  • 5.9 - Gaps - All doors & docks in the facility are kept closed or are screened and there are no gaps greater than 0.25in.

  • 5.11 - Allergens and Glass - Products containing allergens are identified and segregated (as well as glass waste segregation). On Hold products labeled and segregated

7.0 - Storage, Racking and Use

  • 7.1 - Are racking inspections in place and SWL posted, annual certificate on file?

  • 7.2 - General condition of racks and pallet storage (pallet storage height is stable and suitably located)?

9.0 - Electrical Safety

  • 9.3 - No double adapters or daisy chains? power leads across aisleways, walkways or floor

  • 9.5 - No broken plugs, sockets or switches or unidentified panels (panels must be marked and have adequate clearance with no combustibles e.g. 3ft)?

  • 9.6 - All panels / breakers marked and in good condition with breaker spacers missing?

  • All plugs, power cords have GFCI?

10.0 - Chemical Safety

  • 10.2 - MSDS / SDS available for all chemicals and up to date?

  • 10.4 - All containers labelled correctly including adequately stocked and labeled spill kits?

11.0 - Docks, Vehicles & Exterior Facility Condition

  • 11.2 - Wheel chocks, jack stands, vehicle parking or other yard issues (lighting, pest, storage etc)

  • 11.1 - Any issues with physical conditions? (e.g. vegetation, fence damage, wall damage, paint damage, drainage, garbage bins, poor storage?)

  • 11.3 - Environment related issue? e.g. fluorescent bulbs, oil, batteries etc.

12.0 - Miscellaneous observable Environmental, KORE, GAO issues? This could include KORE filing system, training compliance, site permits, etc.

  • Additional General Comments

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