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  • Review documented evidence that the site EEM or equivalent has approved the design and commissioning stages of a selected site electrical project. (D)(S)

  • Review site electrical studies relating to:<br>- Load flow<br>- Fault Levels<br>- Electrical Protection<br>- Arc Flash<br>- Lightning and Earthing<br>- Harmonics<br> (D)(S)

  • Verify that visual indicators (i.e. Signs) are visible on all switchboards indicating the Arc Flash category of PPE required when working on the switchboard. (Categories per NFPA 70E) (O)(S)

  • Verify with the EEM or equivalent that selected substations on site includes the site requirements for: Security of Supply, Fault levels, Fault clearing times, insulation level ratings, minimum clearances of live parts, substation fire risk mitigation. This may include the use of relevant Engineering Data Sheets. (O)(S)

  • Review SAP to ensure that a preventative maintenance schedule exists for a selected electrical system and ensure that time confirming has been completed for all required activities. (D)(S)

  • Review a selection of Statutory Electrical Inspections and verify that all corrective actions are recorded and tracked in SAP. (D)(S)

  • Select Preventive maintenance activities that were identified as having been time confirmed in SAP and verify that the BMA training records reflect that they were completed by a trained, competent and authorised electrician. (I)(S)

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