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Sort Activity Descriptions

  • Enter exception rating for items found in the work area that are part, WIP, obsolete parts and equipment, unused pipes, conduits or wires, etc. that are not required and not red tagged.

  • Enter exception rating for items found in the work area that are tools and supplies left in the area and non-required.

  • Enter exception rating for items found in the work area that are non-required or outdated paperwork or postings. This includes out-dated posters, memos, graphs,reports, forms, receipts, packing slips, and paper work that does not have a designated place, etc.

  • Is there an active red tag system in place forthe area? (i.e. have any items moved out of the red tag area since the last audit?) <br>Compliant = Continuous activity, items are tagged and removed upon identification; <br>Moderate = Moderate activity; <br>None = No activity.<br><br>

  • Enter exception rating for items found or are missing from the work area relating PPE and First Aid equipment that is missing, out of date or not stored in labeled areas.

Set in Order Activity Descriptions

  • Enter exception rating for items found in the work area that are not clearly labeled and have a visually aided proper location. This includes tools, supplies, boxes, bins, raw materials, WIP, MRO supplies, etc. Set in Order for these items should be clearly defined by labels as well as painted lines, MRO number or other indicators, etc.

  • Enter exception rating for items found in the work area that is moveable equipment that does not have a designated labeled storage location. Included would be items such as trash & waste bins, equipment with wheels (e.g. welders, power washers) ladders, etc.

  • Enter exception rating for the instances of cleaning equipment items that are not in proper place or properly stored. All hoses (water, air, etc) should be coiled and stored neatly.

  • Enter exception rating for items found in the work area where there is a lack of organization and labeling on shelves or inside cabinets, drawers, etc. These items should be grouped logically, stored as they are stable, and should indicate when items are missing.

  • Enter exception rating for emergency non-conformances. Emergency equipment shouldbe both prominently displayed and fully unobstructed. Emergency lights, exit signs, and fire extinguishers should be functional. Walkways should be clear of obstructions. Safety equipment shouldbe properly labeled.

Shine Activity Description

  • Enter exception rating for items found in the work area relating to dirty, cracked, torn or otherwise damaged tools, containers, boxes, bins, etc.

  • Enter exception rating for items found relating to visible debris in work areas. Included would be nuts, bolts, welding rods, packaging material, paper wrappers, etc. Look on floor, beams, pipes, building beams, grating, etc. Look for evidence ofmaterial left after job completion.

  • Are there leaks of any kind from production leaks in the work area (piles of raw material or product, dust accumulation, pools of liquids that don't belong, or evidence of past spills, leaks, etc). Any leak should be counted (and the source determined to eliminate).<br>Compliant = No leaks;<br>Moderate = One minor leak;<br>None = Multiple minor leaks or one major leak.

  • Are the floors, walls, work surfaces, workbenches, dies, machines and other equipment clean and presentable. Is everything free of corrosion? Are access paths to electrical boxes clear?<br>Compliant = Immaculate with no signs of corrosion;<br>Moderate = Moderate clean & presentable;<br>None = Not clean.

  • Enter exception rating for safety non-conformances. Proper signage, visibility painting, hand rails painted and in good condition, machine guards in good condition, eye wash and shower station(s) clean and in working order.<br>Compliane = Perfect;<br>Moderate = Need some work;<br>None = Much work needed.

  • Is the area lighting adequate for the work being performed?<br>Compliance = Excellent lighting and no light bulbs burned out in the area;<br>Moderate = Adequate lighting or some lights burned out;<br>None = Inadequate lighting or dark areas from poor lighting or burned out bulbs.

Standardize Activity Descriptions

  • Are job cycle charts for cleaning and inspection posted and current?<br>Compliance = Yes;<br>Moderate = Not current;<br>None = Not posted.

  • Are Standard Work and related documents in full view in the workplace and records labeled clearly as the contents and responsibility for control and revision?<br>Compliance = Posted and current;<br>Moderate = Not current;<br>None = Not posted.

  • Are waste and hazardous materials (e.g. waste oil, flammables, batteries, spent chemicals and all bins, containers & packaging for waste materials, etc.) cleaned up, removed from the workplace, and/or proper containers.<br>Compliance = No exceptions and robust waste management program in place;<br>Moderate = No exceptions but no waste management program;<br>None = One or more exceptions.

  • Are all team members participating in the 5S audit.<br>Compliance = Everyone rotates through participation of the audit;<br>Moderate = Aselect group of individual perform the audits;<br>None = One or two persons perform all.

  • Has at least one improvement idea been identified, implemented, and documented since the last audit in this area?

Sustain Activity Description

  • Have exceptions from previous audits been addressed? Have all Action Items been documented, completed or the completion date updated?<br>Compliance = All have been documented, addressed and updated;<br>Moderate = All but one have been addressed and updated;<br>None = More than one item has not been addressed and updated.

  • Are visual systems currently in place?

  • Did the team take the initiative to make improvements to the workplace that were not identified during the last 5S audit, Waste Reduction Effort or Kaizen.<br>Compliance = More then one improvement;<br>Moderate = 1 Improvement;<br>None = No improvement.

  • Are the results of the previous audit for this area posted and clearly visible to the entire team?<br>Compliane = Audit posted and 'Before & After' pictures posted;<br>Moderate = Audit but no 'Before & After' pictures;<br>None = Neither.

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