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Quality Audit Raw Material

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  • Contact Name

  • Company Name

  • Job Title

  • Auditor Name

0-ADM- Administration

  • Number of Employees

  • Number of Work Quarters

  • Building Age ( if extensions, please specify dates)

  • Is there a union? (If yes, which is the agreement convention due date?)

1-HR-Human Ressources

  • 1- Is there a training program for new employees?

  • 2- Is there a training program specific to certain tasks (For example: maintenance, cleaning, quality control)? See some employee's forms.

  • 3- Do all employees have been trained in accordance with good manufacturing practices?<br>

  • 4- Are subcontractors also trained in accordance with good manufacturing practices?<br>

  • 5-Is there a continue training program for all employees? Specify the themes.

4-MM-Goods /Purchasing management

  • 1-Is there an approval system for suppliers?

  • 2- Is there an approval process for new ingredients? (Allergen, Kosher, Technical sheet)

  • 3- Are certificates of analysis required from suppliers?

5-PM- Engineering and Maintenance

  • 1- Are the outside of the building and the field well maintained?

  • 2- Is the inside of the building well maintained and designed to ensure food safety of products?

  • 3- Are the equipments well designed and positioned properly (to facilitate cleaning and maintenance and thus reduce the risk of contamination)?

  • 4- Are maintenance chemicals food grade at production areas?<br>

  • 5-Does the company have a management program for maintenance with a risk of foreign material?

  • 6- Do you have a preventive maintenance program?

  • 7- Are the water, steam and compressed air systems appropriate to prevent product and environment contamination?

6-PP- Production Process

  • 1- Does the company have a traceability system (describe the process)?

  • 2- Does the company make measurements and analysis during production?

  • 3- Does the company make controls at product packaging (sealing, identification)?

  • 4- Does the company have a weight control system?

  • 5- Is there a procedure in place for the management of rework?

  • 6- Is there a system in place for the management of containers, utensils and tools (identification, color coding)?

7- QM- Quality Management

  • 1- Does the company have an accreditation to a quality standard? If yes, please specify (attach a copy of the certificate).

  • 2- Is the company audited by external agencies or third party? If yes, please specify.

  • 3- Does the company perform internal facility audits (minimum once per month)?

  • 4- Is the effectiveness of the quality system reviewed regularly?

  • 5- Is there a documentary managment system?

  • 6- Is there any HACCP plan in place for each product family? If yes, specify the product families and the CCP's.

  • 7- Are the CCP control responsible persons adequately trained and are able to make good decisions in case of critical limit deviation ?

  • 8- Audit at least 3 control registers for each CCP.

  • 9- Are the protection mechanisms against foreign bodies appropriate (magnets, sieves, filters, metal detectors, X-Ray detectors, optical sorters)?

  • 10- Are the protection mechanisms frequently verified. (See registers).

  • 11- Are the flour sifter tailings checked frequently?

  • 12- Does the company conduct an investigation when a foreign body is found inside the facility (See registers).

  • 13- Is there a calibrations program for equipments (lab and production)?<br>

  • 14- Does the company conduct microbiological and chemical analysis of raw materials and/or finished products?<br>15- Is there a specification management system of finished products?

  • 15- Is there a specification management system of finished products?

  • 16- Is there a product recall procedure?

  • 17- Does the company conduct a mock recall at least once a year? (See the last simulation and describe the results)<br>

  • 18- Does the company have a complaint management system?

  • 19- Is there a mechanism for identifying non-compliant products? If yes, describe the mechanism.<br>

  • 20- Is there a master cleaning schedule (including frequency and methodology for all building components and equipments)?

  • 21- Is the cleaning program effective? Please see documentation for at least 3 items).

  • 22- Are the cleaning products approved for food?

  • 23- Does the company conducts pre-operational inspection of the surfaces in contact with food?<br>

  • 24- Is there a program to validate the effectiveness of cleaning?

  • 25- Does the company have a pest control program?

  • 26- Does the company uses a contractor for this service? If yes, what is the name of the company?

  • 27- Is the pest control program adequate?

  • 28- Is there any evidence of contamination by insects, rodents or other?

  • 29- Is there a documented procedures for handling glass, brittle or hard plastic?

  • 30- Are all the lighting system adequately protected to prevent risk for the products?

  • 31- Is there a zone to isolate the nonconforming or quarantined products?

  • 32- Is there an allergen management program in place?

8- LO- Logistics / warehouse - Receiving

  • 1- Does the company ensure stock rotation according to the FIFO (first in, first out) or other principle?<br><br>

  • 2- Are the raw materials and the packaging goods stored, handled and properly identified to insure their integrity and their traceability?

  • 3- Are there any designated areas for raw materials versus finished products?<br>

  • 4- Is the warehouse temperature controlled? If yes, what are the normal or programmed temperatures?<br>

  • 5- Is the warehouse humidity controlled? If yes, what are the normal or programmed humidity levels?<br>

  • 6- Is the racking system at a minimum distance of 18 inches from the walls?

  • 7- Is there a visual inspection of the trucks before loading? If yes, is it documented?

  • 8- Is there a visual inspection of the products before loading? If yes, is it documented?

  • 9- Is the security system adequate to fight against bioterrorism?

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