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Before we go onsite...

  • Confirm Date and time of site visit with site liaison

  • Export PC list from Lookout Desktop view to Excel. Modify list as needs

  • Reviewed outstanding ticket on boards for issues to be addressed with Service Manager? Record Ticket numbers

  • Built task list for tickets to be addressed?

Mysherpa Standards ...

Desktop Backups

  • Is free space on BackTrack NAS > 10%

  • Do all monitored PCs have backups configured in Backtrack Console?

  • Are all old backup folder marked for deletion?

  • Do all desktop PC onsite have backup < 3 days old?

  • Do all laptops in Lookout have backup < 8 days old?

Mysherpa Agent

  • Have servers been rebooted in the past 35 days? Record dates

  • Have all PCs been rebooted in the past 10 days? (answer N/A for now.) Make sure to reminder employee to reboot PC once a week.

  • PCs on-site vs PCs monitored: Are all PCs on site currently in Lookout Portal

  • Have Agents check in for all monitored PCs in the last 15 days ? Use Lookout "No Contact Report" to verify

  • Is space on each Mapped Drive > 15%

Open Ticket Age

  • Service Board: Are all ticket on the service board < 10 days old

  • Monitoring Board: Are all ticket on the service board < 10 days old

  • 2-way Board: Are all ticket on the service board < 30 days old


  • Have all PCs check in in the last 15 days to the console

  • Have all PCs received a definition update in the late 3 days


  • Have all PCs synced with OpenDNS portal in the last 15 days. Check in OpenDNS portal under roaming Computer in the last sync column.

Client Infrastructure

  • Is server/networking room cleanly and organized . Take pictures to document current setup

  • Do all monitored PC have software packets?

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