Tender Stage

  • Was a copy of AR601A forwarded to the contractor in the tender documents?

  • Did the project team ensure that the contractor conducted a project risk assessment for his works?

  • We're abigroup requirements AR503D included in the tender documents?

  • Was the contractor then vetted for their ability to comply with these requirements?

  • Is the evidence of tender evaluation documented on AR503A record of tender interview?

Sub Contract Preparation Stage

  • Did the contractor have an approved Work Health and Safety Management Plan in place prior to works?

  • Was it reviewed by the appropriate Engineer / Foreman using the pre contract checklist?

Contractors Work Health and Safety Project Plan

  • As a minimum the contractors WHSPP must contain the following information

  • The sequence of activities to be carried out

  • The ways in which the identified risks must be reduced to an acceptable level

  • How to monitor compliance with the safe system of work

  • How changes and modifications introduced

  • Inspection and test plans

  • Applicable SWMS

  • The plant and equipment to be used

  • Information on handling, storage and use of hazardous substances And dangerous goods

  • Manual handling

  • Plant and equipment

  • High risk activities

Prior to works

  • Prior to works a Safety Kick off meeting must be held (and documented) explaining the following

  • How compliance with Abigroup system will be achieved ie fall prevention, site logistics and emergencies

  • Documentation outlining safe methods of work

  • Establish performance monitoring, supervision and incident reporting and management protocols and procedures

  • Was the contractors SWMS been reviewed using the checklist prior to works?

  • Are high risk activities signed off by the PM?

  • Is an approved copy of the SWMS available at the workface?

  • Has all abigroup information been provided to the contractors supply chain?

Construction Stage

  • After the subcontractor has commenced on site, the relevant Superintendant or Engineer for the works must administer the following disciplines:

  • Have any new works of changes been addressed by a new risk assessment?

  • Are new revisions of the SWMS reviewed using the SWMS Checklist

  • Are all workers trained in the contents of the SWMS

  • Are their documented contractor inspections of plant and equipment and the works on a daily basis

  • Monitoring any new plant and equipment coming onto site and it's documentation

  • Has a subcontractor audit been carried out within the first 4 weeks of starting the project?

  • Has the sub contractor been audited at least 3 monthly whilst on the project?

  • Is their a sub contractor audit schedule?

Sub contractors inspections and observations

  • Does the sub contractor undertake daily inspections of their work areas using the abigroup daily inspection checklist?

  • Are weekly sub contractor safety meetings being held?

  • Do the sub contractors carry out daily inspections of plant and equipments?

  • Does the. On tractor have plant and equipment registers?

  • Does the contractor provide third party certification of all plant and equipment prior to operation on site?

Sub contractor coordination meetings

  • Are daily pre work briefings being held by the contractor where high risk activities are being carried out?

  • Are sub contractor coordination meetings held weekly?

  • Do the meetings review the sub contractors performance?

  • Do the meetings cover SWMS compliance?

  • Do the meetings cover PTW compliance?

  • Are the meetings recorded with actions etc?

  • Are monthly sub contractor meetings held?

  • Do these meetings review performance?

  • Do these meetings review high risk activities?

  • Do these meetings plan for future works?

  • Do the meetings review compliance to abigroup system?

Health Monitoring

  • Has the sub contractor established a health monitoring program?

  • Has this program been audited for compliance at least each quarter?

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