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Office areas

  • Are fire extinguishers available and in correct place

  • Are fire action notices clear

  • Do doors disconnect during fire alarm

  • Are stairwells clear

  • Are toilets clean

  • Is the cleaners store tidy

  • Is the electrical distribution cupboard at front door clear

  • Have all items been subject to PAT

  • Are welfare facilities clean and tidy

  • Are all fire doors checked and in order

  • Is server room at SUG18 clear


  • Are fire exits clear

  • Are all steps checked and in order

  • Is the noise at an acceptable level

  • Are the doors all closed on the machines

  • Are the walkways clear

  • Are the fire extinguishers accessible

  • Is the housekeeping to a good standard

  • Are all electrical items subject to PAT

  • Is the boiler room clear of combustible material

  • Is the cleaners store tidy


  • Are the racks in order and been inspected in the last year

  • Are all materials stacked correctly

  • Are ladders in good condition and been inspected in last 6 months

  • Are pallet trucks in good condition and been LOLER inspected in last year if required

  • Have all staff been manual handling trained and is the training being followed

  • Are pedestrians kept separate from moving vehicles

  • Are walkways clearly marked

  • Is housekeeping in the area good

  • Are welfare facilities clean

  • Is the lighting adequate

  • Are emergency exits clearly marked and kept clear

  • Are all staff wearing the correct PPE

  • Are still kits available and complete

  • Is the emergency shower tested and purged

  • Is the first aid box available and fully stocked


  • Are all items subject to PAT

  • Are guards in place on all machines that require them

  • Are all waste chemicals stored in the correct area

  • Is housekeeping kept up to date

  • Are all steps checked and in order

  • Are eye wash stations fully stocked

  • Are all chemical cupboardā€™s locked

  • Are the fridges in room NUM76A locked

Any other items of note

  • Anything else of note found

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