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TAREG 5.1.2 - Maintenance Certification

  • List MMP References:

  • 5.1.2.a - For the purposes of this regulation, certification means the act of an authorised person signing that they have discharged their responsibilities for a specific task.

  • 5.1.2.b - Is all maintenance accurately and progressively documented and certified by an authorised person?

  • 5.1.2.c - Do authorised personnel only certify maintenance that they have performed or supervised?

  • 5.1.2.d - Do authorised personnel only certify maintenance, or maintenance tasks as complete when:

  • 5.1.2.d(1) - the maintenance was performed by authorised persons;

  • 5.1.2.d(2) - the maintenance performed was appropriate to the required maintenance;

  • 5.1.2.d(3) - maintenance was performed in accordance with the AMO's Maintenance Management System;

  • 5.1.2.d(4) - all foreign objects have been removed; and

  • 5.1.2.d(5) - any follow on tasks have been identified and documented.

  • 5.1.2.e - Is the authorised person who certifies maintenance, or maintenance tasks, as complete aware that they accept responsibility for that maintenance?

TAREG 5.1.3 - Independent Maintenance Inspections (IMI)

  • List MMP References:

  • 5.1.3.a - Do only authorised personnel who have not been involved in the maintenance being inspected perform IMIs?

  • 5.1.3.b - Are IMIs performed whenever any safety critical item on the following systems is replaced, adjusted, repaired, modified or reconnected:

  • 5.1.3.b(1) - flight control;

  • 5.1.3.b(2) - engine control;

  • 5.1.3.b(3) - undercarriage, brake and steering control;

  • 5.1.3.b(4) - installed airborne oxygen;

  • 5.1.3.b(5) - aircrew escape;

  • 5.1.3.b(6) - explosive ordinance; and

  • 5.1.3.b(7) - any other system identified by the relevant AEO.

  • 5.1.3.c - Are IMIs required by TAREG 5.1.3.b performed at the completion of maintenance to ensure that all items:

  • 5.1.3.c(1) - are correctly assembled, adjusted and/or locked, and

  • 5.1.3.c(2) - operate with full range and freedom of movement, and in the correct sense.

  • 5.1.3.d - Are IMIs that have been separately specified by the relevant AEO performed IAW the AEO's directions?

  • 5.1.3.e - Has the AMO specified additional IMI requirements?

  • 5.1.3.f - Are IMIs certified IAW TAREG 5.1.2.d?

TAREG 5.1.4 - Maintenance Release of Aircraft

  • List MMP References:

  • 5.1.4.a - At the completion of all required maintenance and prior to aircrew acceptance of an aircraft, is a certification that releases an aircraft from maintenance made in the applicable aircraft maintenance record?

  • 5.1.4.b - Does a person certifying the release of an aircraft from maintenance ensure:

  • 5.1.4.b(1) - all required maintenance has been completed and certified, or a determination made IAW TAREG 5.1.6 to defer any required maintenance;

  • 5.1.4.b(2) - the aircraft is in the approved configuration;

  • 5.1.4.b(3) - all tooling used during maintenance has been removed from the aircraft, and is accounted for; and

  • 5.1.4.b(4) - no scheduled maintenance will fall due during the time the aircraft is released to aircrew.

  • 5.1.4.c. Unscheduled maintenance is permissable after the aircraft has been released from maintenance providing:

  • 5.1.4.c(1) - the aircraft captain has authorised the performance of the proposed maintenance; and

  • 5.1.4.c(2) - the maintenance to be performed be authorised by the SMM.

TAREG 5.1.6 - Deferment of Required Maintenance

  • List MMP References:

  • 5.1.6.a - Does the SMM or delegate ensure an acceptable level of flight safety can be maintained with the affected items of equipment inoperative or defective, prior to deferring the required maintenance?

  • 5.1.6.b - Does the SMM or delegate ensure maintenance is NOT deferred when:

  • 5.1.6.b(1) - the available information needed to make an informed decision is either inadequate or in doubt; or

  • 5.1.6.b(2) - they are not confident that adequate competence or expertise can be applied to making an informed decision; or

  • 5.1.6.b(3) - environmental, local or human factors would unacceptably impair the making of an informed decision.

  • 5.1.6.c - Before approving any deferment of maintenance which affects the handling or operational characteristics of an aircraft, does the SMM or delegate obtain an operational endorsement from an authorised aircrew member?

  • 5.1.6.d - Does maintenance which has been deferred:

  • 5.1.6.d(1) - have a specific period of deferment clearly documented;

  • 5.1.6.d(2) - have a documented justification of the decision;

  • 5.1.6.d(3) - get documented and be presented in a format that is visible to aircrew on acceptance of the aircraft; and

  • 5.1.6.d(4) - have records that are retained as part of the aircraft record.

  • 5.1.6.e - Does the SMM regularly review all decisions applicable to authorising the deferment of maintenance to ensure:

  • 5.1.6.e(1) - documented and authorised procedures have been followed;

  • 5.1.6.e(2) - applicable data was used by the person authorising the deferment of maintenance;

  • 5.1.6.e(3) - the decision was within the authorising person's level of qualification, training and experience; and

  • 5.1.6.e(4) - the decision and related requirements were correct and appropriate.

  • 5.1.6.f - Does the AMO have procedures for approving deferment of required maintenance that state the minimum competency standards for personnel authorised to approve the deferment of maintenance?


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