Is the AED unit located in its designated area? Identify serial number of unit below.

Is the AED unit clean, undamaged and if applicable in its carry case or cabinet?

Is the AED rescue kit present and either stored on the carry case or cabinet or attached to the AED unit?

Does the AED rescue kit include: gloves, prep razor, scissors, towel, moist towelettes, CPR mask?

Are all electrode packages sealed and within the expiration date?

Does alarm on AED cabinet in working order? Note: Batteries should be replaced annually.

Is the Status Indicator showing a green check mark or the word 'OK'?

Are the electrodes attached to the unit?

Are the batteries within the expiration date?

Are you re-installing new electrodes or batteries?

If re-installing new electrodes or batteries, did you turn unit on to allow it to complete a full self-test to confirm a visible green check mark?

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