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Availability, Presentation & Quality

  • Is the site coffee machine in working order and fully stocked? (attach photo)

  • Looking for a efficient display for the time of day. A minimum of 2 of each product on display

  • Are all sandwich, savoury and sweet lines available in line with availability principles? (attach photos)

  • Do the products appear fresh, wrapped correctly and put out neatly?


  • Are the displays and serving equipment clean, free from crumbs and litter?

  • Is the Site coffee machine clean inside and out?

Marketing & Brand Standards

  • Are the merchandise principles being followed for Sandwiches and Salads?

  • Do all products have a label and are all prices correct? (sandwiches, savories, pastries etc)

  • Is there adequate marketing outside the site? (flags, banners, bollard covers etc)

  • Is there adequate marketing around the coffee machine? (pastry deal, sweet deals etc)

  • Is there adequate marketing on the fridge and counters? (sandwich deals, coffee deals etc)

  • Are staff promoting hot food and coffee deals to all customers?

Food Safety

  • Are all products in date and is FIFO being followed?

  • Are all products being held within their time limits? (4 hours for hot food/pastries, 2 hours for baps/wraps)

  • Is the correct equipment being used to handle food? (different tongs for veg and meat products)

  • Are Site Manager checks being carried out?

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