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Store maintenance/cleanliness

  • Is the shop exterior clean, free from litter and debris and in a good state of repair? (any issues should be logged and shop should be able to provide evidence) - Customer Experience. Surrounding area including pavements free from damage and litter; Signage is undamaged, in full working order and illuminated signage is lit at all times.

  • Windows, ledges, doors, windows and frames are clean and free from litter, with all paintwork in good condition

  • Is the customer area clean, free from litter and debris and in a good state of repair? (any issues should be logged and shop should be able to provide evidence) - Customer Experience

  • Back of the shop. Hand wash sink and soap dispenser; Sink area including utensil and<br>mop sink; Blue roll dispenser; Dishwasher and seal; Staff room / office<br>area are kept clean and tidy, with bins emptied regularly and kept in<br>good state of repair.

  • Soup kettles and table if applicable; Coffee machines including tops,<br>condiment and cup unit; Milk fridge; Water boiler; Hot sandwich oven;<br>Till Screens; Breakfast unit; Back bar including cupboards, shelving,<br>draws and sweet racking

  • Fridges and freezers including seals; Bins including bases and rims;<br>Prep benches; Racking; Storage area & shelving; Interior walls are in good condition and unmarked; No water marks / splashes / spillages / dust visible; All ceiling lights are working; All ceiling tiles and spacers are in place, clean and undamaged; Ceiling fans / vents / air conditioning units are clean and dust free; All pipework is unmarked and clean;

  • Display cabinets, including corners, shelving, vents and counter glass;<br>Counter lights working and turned on; Black sweet trays; Porridge / soup stand

  • Bake trays should have no carbon build up; Bake off table and racking; Ovens including lights, top of oven and canopy

  • Has the cleaning log book been completed accurately (including monthly cleaning schedules) and signed off by management?

  • From the snagging tracker are there any items outstanding?


  • Are all sandwich and salad lines available in line with availability principles?

  • Are all savoury lines available in line with availability principles?

  • Are all drinks, snacks and crisps available in line with availability principles?

  • Are all sweet lines available in line with availability principles?

  • Are all hot drinks and soups available in line with availability principles?

  • Are all breakfast lines available in line with availability principles?

  • Stores Understanding of Forecasting and Replenishment

  • Stores Compliance of Forecasting and Replenishment

  • Are stores following all end of day procedures (Customer Order Not completed, Production not confirmed, Reservation not confirmed, Stock count not completed, Z read Not Completed)?

Customer service

  • Was the team member smiling, warm and friendly and acknowledging the queue (with smiles and eye contact ) throughout the transaction?

  • Did the team member ask the customer if they were ‘eating in’ or taking away’?

  • Did the team member offer a meal deal?

  • Did the team member check that the customer has finished ordering before preparing the transaction?

  • Did the team member prepare the order in the most efficient way?

  • Did the team member politely confirm the amount and take payment?

  • If the customer was paying with their phone, did the team member check if they are paying by Rewards or ApplePay? Or with card, prompt the customer to pay contactless? E.g. "contactless if you have it?

  • Staff Knowledge - 3 questions to be asked to a minimum of 2 members of staff around weekly comms, current launch pack and current activity.

  • Zero customer complaints

  • Did the shop score above 89% in the Customer Experience visit?

  • Has the Customer Experience and Audit action plan been completed?


  • 3 different products to be weighed and within weight tolerances found on retail ops; All products visually made as per current make up guides (including bread packs cut correctly, ingredients in correct order and WYBIT principle being followed with carriers and ingredients.); All filling evenly<br>distributed with no overspill; No foreign bodies; Store is following Greggs way process for Perfect Baguette Quality (Sandwich maker/ person on bake<br>to be questioned on when / how many baguettes have been baked for each batch of sandwich production. Baguettes used within two hours of being baked.)

  • All products are packaged and labelled correctly; No ingredients smeared on packaging; All products are customer facing; Baguette baskets/risers/racks used correctly; Basket liners are used all the time even when baguettes are in the baskets; Salads are correctly packaged with band and sealed knife/fork on right hand side of pot; Yogurts are made to spec, with balanced choice band and labels applied correctly and centered

  • All sweet products are displayed following the WYBIT principle; Any packaging undamaged; All products undamaged with no sign of missing fillings/finishings; Cookies baked as per the bake guide, undamaged and not over/under baked.

  • Multipacks packaged and labelled correctly; No filling smeared on bag; All multipacks customer facing; All till well sweet products are unopened, clean and well presented

  • All savouries baked to perfection and displayed following the WYBIT principle; No overspill of filling; No burst savouries on display; All savoury casings intact with no missing corners/edges; Pizzas have<br>even covering of sauce and cheese, with correct toppings and made to spec; Meat / non meat products displayed sharing a tray must have tray divider

  • Bagged sausage rolls are packaged and labelled correctly; Sausage rolls bagged when cool to avoid sweating / grease on packaging

  • Green re-usable coffee cup is used for the cappuccino check; Espresso times are recorded in the shop diary

  • Check sales report to ensure the store has been completing at least one check per day (per machine); Additional check (none scoring) - Are all team members able to complete coffee check and change grind? If not, then retrain;

  • All savouries (excluding Pizza) are trayed up correctly and rested for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to baking.

  • 1/2 hour rule cards are available and being used correctly.

  • Breakfast items are baked to perfection, baked off regularly and used within an hour. (where applicable)

Brand standards

  • Are the merchandise principles being followed for Sandwiches and Salads?

  • Are the merchandise principles being followed for Savouries?

  • Are the merchandise principles being followed for Sweets?

  • Are the merchandise principles being followed for Soups & Hot Drinks

  • Are the merchandise principles being followed for Cold Drinks, Snacks and Crisps?

  • Customers are waiting no longer than two minutes from joining the queue to being greeted at the counter

  • Evidence SHAPE has been completed accuratley/ Ensure shop standards match the signed SHAPE document.

  • Are team member’s uniforms in line with the brand uniform standard?

  • Are products being baked little and often?

  • The Brand Standard availability document is on display and being followed?

  • Is all external and internal POS clean and in good repair?

  • Is the shops POS available and displayed as per the marketing checklist (where applicable)

  • All POS tickets are in good condition displaying correct prices and Gold stars where applicable

  • Is the correct equipment being used to serve specific products? i.e. to serve vegetarian and meat

  • All current Allergen processes being followed and all Information is available. Folder is visible underneath the counter in readiness for customer queries. (Team member to understand question if asked)

  • Are Stores following the Greggs Way Procedure for the Vegan Sausage Rolls?

  • No staff are on zero-hour contracts?

  • Does the shop have a dedicated Manager/Responsible person? (Check one individual/ manager is not managing more than one site/across multiple sites)

  • Are stores following the correct process for unsold food donations (where applicable)?

Food Safety

  • Food Safety Log book completed accurately and signed off by management. (If fraud is evident contact area manager)

  • Temperature of drinks and sandwich selectors are in range

  • Product Recalls, Glass Check and all Non Compliance issues are recorded in the Non Compliance Section of the Food Safety Log Book.

  • Evidence pest control is in place. Pest control visits are up to date, any actions are completed & signed off

  • Sandwich maker is able to make up sanitiser and detergent spay bottles. Also explain the procedure for cleaning & sanitising sandwich prep surfaces

  • Gastronome procedure is adhered to. Includes HACCP labels applied to all ingredients (excluding salad ingredients being discarded the same day) after sandwich production is completed.

  • All products, ingredients, drinks and crisps stored in self selectors, fridges, freezer and on shelving are in date

  • All products and ingredients are dated and labelled correctly

  • Evidence of rotation

  • Physical check of both fridge and freezer to ensure correct layouts are being followed

  • Exterior packaging has been removed from all products stored in fridges and freezers. (With the exception of those products listed in HACCP)

  • Staff purchases, products and personal items are stored correctly. All Items are stored in either designated areas within the fridges, enclosed staff areas or personal lockers.

  • Current ingredient/confectionery/bread and rolls shelf life information is available and on display.

  • Evidence of regular handwashing

  • Are daily Fresh products being disposed of at the end of the day?

  • EHO score is displayed on door (please comment Y/N and also what score)

Health and safety

  • All equipment is Greggs approved and in good working order with no obvious defects/faults, equipment is also being used for its intended purpose.

  • All equipment, wheels, products, ingredients, boxes and packaging is stacked correctly and safe and everyone is using correct manual handling techniques

  • COSHH - only Greggs approved chemicals (excl. sites with restrictions) are being used and are stored correctly

  • Oven gloves worn when unloading and loading the oven and cutting gloves are used correctly and fit for purpose


  • Basic ingredients - training for new starters is completed in line with the training plan and matrix is up to date. All existing team members have completed BI training and Matrix is up to date

  • Spread of Knowledge - training for new starters is completed in line with the training plan and matrix is up to date. All existing team members have completed SOK training and Matrix is up to date

  • All Other Training - all signed off and available and matrix up to date for all team members as per training plans

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