• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Work Environment and Conditions

  • Housekeeping and Layout

  • Security of equipment

  • Barricades and Signage

  • Environmental Controls


  • Lock-out and Tag-out

  • Work Permits

  • Competence for Task - Is evidence available for Licensing for High Risk Plant and or Certificates of Competency where required

SWMS - Pre Start Checks - MSDS

  • Available

  • Adequate

  • Understood

  • Followed

Tools and Equipment

  • Condition

  • Availability

  • Plant is parked in designated areas / Equipment stored in a safe manner ?

People and Behaviours

  • Are employees Assessing and Re-assessing the area ?

  • Are employees maintaining Eyes on Path whilst moving around the worksite ?

  • Are employees Looking Before Moving ?

  • Are employees selecting appropriate Tools and Equipment and wearing correct PPE ?

  • Are employees keeping Eyes on Hands whilst doing works which could result in injury ?

  • Are employees ensuring they are not placing themselves in Line of Fire ?

  • Are employees Communicating their intent to others ?

  • Are employees using correct manual handling techniques to maintain correct Position and Effort ?

Protection systems

  • Is electrical equipment positioned appropriately with current test and tag ?

  • Are fire extinguishers positioned correctly with clear access and in test and tag ?

  • Are hazardous substances used and stored correctly with MSDS available ?

High Risk Activities

  • Are Confined Space Entries being carried out in accordance with procedural requirements ?

  • Are Trenching activities being carried out in accordance with legislative requirements ?

  • Are activities being carried out On, Over or Near Water being undertaken in a safe manner

  • Are employees using appropriate controls for ascending and descending to and from work areas >2mt

  • Has a Traffic Management Plan been developed for the site/is compliance observable ?


  • Note Positive Observations:


  • Provide a sketch of the area of concern if applicable to support findings



  • Select date

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