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    Overview This talk will cover: risk assessment, hazards, control measures and safe use of substances.

    Risk Assessment

    1 Management must carry out a risk assessment to find out whether:
    • exposure to a substance can be eliminated
    • alternative work methods can reduce exposure
    • a less hazardous substance can be used
    2 Any substance with a hazard warning label has the potential to cause harm – asses the risk before using it.


    1 How you could be affected by a hazardous substance:
    • ingestion – eating contaminated food
    • inhalation – breathing harmful dust or fumes
    • absorption – chemicals entering through cuts etc.

    2 Examples of hazardous substances on construction sites:
    • contaminated ground
    • concrete admixtures
    • cement
    • solvent fumes
    • hardwood dust
    • resins
    • epoxy-based paints
    • welding fumes
    • asbestos

    3 Don’t mix chemicals or substances

    Control measures

    1 When using hazardous substances, wear the correct PPE.
    2 Know how to look after and use PPE correctly.
    3 Know where washing and first-aid facilities are on site.
    4 Ensure hazardous substances are put back into a secure location after use and not left out on site.

    Use of substances

    1 Make sure you are trained to use hazardous substances.
    2 Read and comply with the information on the hazard data sheet and the instructions on the product label.
    3 Don’t eat, drink or smoke when handling substances.
    4 Don’t expose workers to fumes, dust, gas or other dangers from hazardous substances due to your work.
    5 Always wash at the end of each shift and before eating.


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