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  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

    Overview This talk will cover: the hazards and safe operating methods for MEWPs.


    1 Operatives falling from height due to unsafe work practices.
    2 Overturning of the machine due to poor operating technique or unsatisfactory ground conditions.
    3 Collision with other vehicles (knuckle or elbow of boom moving into the path of other traffic).
    4 Tools and materials, etc, falling from heights.
    5 Contact with high level, live electrical cables and other obstructions.
    6 Exhaust fumes, if used in confined areas.
    7 High wind speeds and other adverse weather conditions.


    1 All operators of MEWPs must be trained in their use.
    2 Operators should only operate the types of MEWPs for which they have been trained.
    3 Always check that the machine is stable before use.
    4 Use outriggers or stabilisers, where necessary.
    5 Except for scissor lifts, users should wear safety harness clipped to the correct anchorage point on the machine.
    6 Ensure that the ground conditions are suitable for the type of machine in use.
    7 Do not load the machine beyond its safe working load
    8 If your work involves removing equipment or materials from a structure, don’t forget to allow for the extra weight.
    9 When manoeuvring in confined area or where members of the public are at risk, always use a signaller.
    10 Be prepared to stop work and return to ground level if the wind speed or weather conditions deteriorate to an unacceptable level

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