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Lifting Equipment and Operations

  • Lifting Equipment and Operations

    Overview This talk will cover: the procedures to follow to ensure that lifting operations are carried out in a safe manner.

    Types of lifting equipment

    1 Lifting equipment now includes items of plant (such as forklift trucks and telescopic handlers) all mobile elevating work platforms as well as cranes, electrical hoists, and gin wheels etc.

    General precautions

    1 Risk assessments must be prepared for all lifting operations.
    2 All lifting equipment must be marked with its safe working load (SWL).
    3 Lifting equipment must not be used to move loads heavier than the SWL.
    4 Lifting equipment must only be used by people who have been trained to do so.
    5 Never stand over s suspended load.
    6 Look for overhead obstructions such as power cables.
    7 Ensure that lifting equipment has no obvious defects before using it.

    Forklift trucks and telescopic handlers

    1 Travel with the load in the lowest position and don’t raise it whilst travelling.
    2 Ensure the load is stable and secure.
    3 Do not carry passengers unless a passenger seat is fitted.
    4 Do not use to lift people unless suitably adapted.


    1 Use cranes to lift and lower loads vertically, don’t drag loads.
    2 At least one trained signaller (banksman) must supervise lifting operations.
    3 It may be necessary to attach tag lines to the load to stabilise it when lifted.
    4 Beware of changing weather conditions or wind speed making lift operations unsafe.

    Mobile elevating work platforms

    1 Use only on firm, level ground
    2 Use outriggers or stabilisers where necessary.
    3 Except for scissor lifts, users should wear a safety harness clipped to the correct anchorage point on the machine

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