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Cabinet Building Location Details

  • Provide the Building Location Number

  • Building Number

  • What is the Cabinet Unique Identifier Number

  • Cabinet ID No

  • Is the Cabinet located within a room? if so provide the Identification number

  • Room information if applicable

  • What is the Keyholder details for the building

  • Keyholder information

  • Take picture of cabinet

Cabinet Details

  • Is there an existing cabinet on site?

  • If "Yes" to any of the above give details i.e. size etc.

Power requirements

  • Does the cabinet has a PDU provide details of the size and number of spare ports?

  • PDU Details

  • Provide details of the number of spare U within the cabinet?

  • Does the Cabinet have a working UPS ?

  • Provide details of UPS equipment

  • Take picture of UPS if installed


  • How many Switches are installed into the cabinet?

  • Provide details of the switch Make & Model type

  • Provide details of the number of spare ports on each switch

  • If accessible provide details of Serial number and IP information

  • Are there any Third Party Services? i.e MOD equipment

  • If Yes provide Details

  • Take picture of switches

Fibre Patch Panel Information

  • What Type of Fibre is installed in the cabinet

  • Provide details of the number of Fibre ports per panel together with Connector type

  • Provide test Results using Power meter and light source for spare fibre ports on each panel together with Distance measurement

  • Spare Fibre readings

  • Is there a label on the Fibre patch panel ?

  • Provide details of Fibre panel label

  • IF MOD fibre patch panels are installed please provide details

  • MOD Fibre patch panel label details

  • Take pictures of fibre patch panels

Structured Copper Cable details

  • What category of cabling is installed on site?

  • Others please specify?

  • Cat5

  • Cat6

  • Additional Information

  • Comments

Health & safety

  • Is the Area / Room Fit for Purpose note any Observations

  • Take picture of area / room


  • Is there adequate room / area lighting

Audit for cabinet location complete

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