Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Property Code

  • HM Land Registry Title Search Complete

  • Property Address

AML Processor

    Client Number
  • Client's full name as it appears in passport

  • Certified copy of passport received?

  • Country of Residence

  • Has the client confirmed their US TIN?

  • Country of Domicile

  • Has the client confirmed their US TIN?

  • Original or Certified Copy of Proof of Address

  • Consent Form Returned

  • Client Identity Form Returned

Know Your Client

  • Have you conducted an Equifax check and does it provide the following information? Please put the applicant score in the notes, together with any comments

  • Has the client been met by someone at LCP? Please provide details in the notes

  • Was the client introduced to LCP by a known person/entity? Please provide details in the notes

  • Have you looked on social media sites for information on the client?

  • Can you confirm their place of work through internet searches? Please provide details in the notes

  • Can you confirm their place of work? Please provide details in the notes

  • Are you happy that no, or limited, adverse articles or details come up in an internet search? Please provide details in the notes

  • Enhanced due diligence undertaken

  • Signed By AML Processor

AML Reviewer

  • Suitable wording used on passport(s)?

  • Do all names and addresses match on the photo IDs and proofs of address

  • Are all of the documents supplied dated within the last 3 months?

  • Suitable proof of address(es)

  • Address matches with CIF(s)

  • Is the source of wealth description proportionate to the proposed investment and supported by other information available and known about the client?

  • Are you happy that NO further investigation is needed following the Equifax/ Watch List check?

  • Have the further enquiries satisfied you that NO further action is required?

  • LCP's Databases

  • Summary of AML Check

  • When does the next review need to be undertaken?

  • Signed by the AML Reviewer

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