A.Hazmat Shipping

  • Is there a Hazfile in the Materials DG shipping area?
    MOM- Chapter 20

  • Are the DG shipping documents kept in a rolling 24 month file?
    49 CFR 172.201(e) & MOM- Chapter 20

  • Is management able to retrieve DG training records?
    MOM- Chapter 24

  • Are DG shippers at this location trained per CFR 14 & CFR 49?

    14 CFR 121.1003 (a), 49 CFR 172.702 (a), 49 CFR 172.704

  • Employee 1/Training date: Employee 2/ Training date:

  • Are Materials of Trade (MOT) info available for company drivers?
    49 CFR 173.6 (c) (4)

  • Are required DG shipments on file include a shipper's Declaration?
    49 CFR 172.200 (a)

  • Are DG shipper's declarations on file complete with no errors?
    49 CFR 172.201& IATA DGR 8.0

  • Do DG shipments on file include a DG shipping checklist?
    MOM- Chapter 20

  • Does DG shipping checklists have dual signatures of trained people and is completely and correctly filled out?
    MOM- Chapter 20

  • Does the DG shipments on file include a proper DG AWB or B/L?
    IATA DGR & 49 CFR 172.201 through 172.203

  • Does the DG shipments on file include a RO, STI, or description of goods?
    MOM- Chapter 20

  • Is SDS information posted in the DG shipping area?
    49 CFR 172.600

  • Is the "Hazmat Hotline" placard displayed in the DG shipping area?
    MOM Chapter 20

  • Is the current IATA DGR manual available in the DG shipping area?
    14 CFR 121.137

  • Are all current IATA Addendums posted in the IATA DGR manual?
    14 CFR 121.137

  • Can associates access the ERG(Emergency Response Guidebook)?
    49 CFR 172.600(c)

  • Employee:

  • Are DG shippers at this location trained to access the HMOMTP?
    14 CFR 121.137

  • Employee:

  • Are all shipments made using approved shipping software?
    MOM- Chapter 20

  • Does the station have proper materials on hand to prepare a DG shipment? IATA DGR 5.0.2

B. Safety and Security

  • Is the stockroom/shipping area doors closed and secured?
    MOM- Chapter 8

  • Are non-parts personnel escorted while in the stockroom?
    MOM- Chapter 8

  • Are company ID or airport security badges worn and visible?
    Assoc. H/bk 2.2.10

  • Is the Emergency phone list posted at each phone?
    SAFE Manual Chapter 14

C. Materials Storage

  • Are parts protected and sealed in plastic bags or boxes?
    MOM- Chapter 15

  • Are all unserviceable parts segregated geographically?
    MOM- Chapter 8

  • Are parts in quarantine locations identified with proper parts tag?
    GMM- Chapter 12

  • Are quarantine locations properly marked with signage?
    MOM- Chapter 7

  • Are portable oxygen cylinders stored in a manner to prevent falling?
    GMM 14.8.2

  • Are PSU & O-2 modules marked with yellow "O-2 Gen. Removed" flag?
    MOM- Chapter 15

  • Are O-2 generators stored with activation safety pins and red flags?
    MOM- Chapter 15

  • Are O-2 generators stored horizontally and not stacked more than two high?
    MOM- Chapter 15

  • Are O-2 generators stored properly on shelves no higher than 30"?
    MOM- Chapter 15

  • Secondary storage containers with chemicals are legibly labeled, tagged, or marked with contents and hazards when not in immediate use.
    29 CFR 1910.1200(f)(5)

  • Are stores personnel able to access the MOM?
    14 CFR 121.137

  • Employee:

  • Are all wheel assembly bearings protected by cap or covering?
    MOM- Chapter 7

General Observations

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