• Have you employed an apprentice or trainee before and how many have you employed?

  • What trade or vocation is offered by your business?

  • What number of apprentices or trainees have not completed their qualification with you?

  • If selected other, please type in the number...............

  • What was the cause for them not to complete?

  • What would be the preferred method or employment, directly or engage in a service provider?

  • Why would you choose not to engage an apprentice or trainee?

Section 2


  • What makes you feel more confident about engaging an apprentice or trainee?

  • Where do you go to seek help with managing apprentices and trainees?

  • If you selected other in the question above please put answer here:

  • What is your preferred age range for an apprentice or trainee?

  • Why would you engage a specific age range?

  • Where do you or would you go to find an apprentice or trainee?

  • Did you know you can share an apprentice or trainee between businesses if work levels drop whilst engaged through a Group Training provider?

section 3


  • How would rate the direct engagement process through the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network ( AASN)?

  • The process of submitting the application is slow.

  • I always see a representative to help me with performance management of the apprentice or trainee.

  • I go to AASN for Industrial Relations information on award rates of pay.

  • Representatives are always available to speak to and respond in a timely manner.

  • I have assistance completing the paperwork, where to find and how to complete.

  • Does the requirement of block release to facilitate training at an RTO prevent you from engaging in apprenticeships and traineeships?

  • Does block release requirements deter you from engaging in apprentices or trainees?

Section 4


  • What are the areas of vocational training that require block release for your location?

  • To what extent would you like to see other services being available to business owners to assist in your going success?

  • More options available to performance manage apprentices or trainees

  • Individual small business support and coaching.

  • An employer induction program for engaging an apprentice or trainee

  • Assistance with statutory requirements: Work Health and Safety

  • Assistance with statutory requirements: Payroll

  • Assistance with statutory requirements: Industrial Relations - Awards

  • Greater assistance with training related issues, either with an apprentice / trainee or other employees. Through localised RTO providers.

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