Asset Information

Asset Information


Door photos

Door Type

Door Style

Arm Type installed?

If OTHER then detail

Door Construction

If OTHER then detail

Hinge Type

If OTHER then detail

Electronic lock system installed?

If OTHER then detail

Entry Devices Installed?

If OTHER then detail

Exit Devices Installed?

If OTHER then detail

Keys Switch installed?

Is key available

If OTHER then detail

Maintenance Label Installed?

Is CE label installed

PMI Door Checks

General Condition

Door Condition?

Operator Condition?

Mechanical Function & Operation?

Smoothness of Operation?

Cables connection and loops condition?

KeySwitch Operation

Visual Drive belt & tension check

Visual Track Check

Entry Devices

Entry Button(s)

Entry Sensor(s)

Does Entry Sensor meet 1400mm test

Entry Mat

Entry Type Other

Other Entry Type

Exit Devices

Exit Button(s)

Exit Sensor(s)

Does Exit Sensor meet 1400mm test

Exit Mat

Exit Type Other

Other Exit Type


Mains Power

Are spurs labelled.

Is spur(s) in easily accessible location within 2m of door

Electrical fused outlet should be positioned so that users may switch off the doors in the event of emergency or other circumstances. We would advise spur(s) may need relocation.

Power Down Test carried out

Power down test result

Are spurs labelled.



Is battery support installed?

Battery Condition?

Battery Require Replacement?

Add media
Fire Alarm

Fire alarm relays installed

It is not clear to us whether a fire interface has been installed for this door, therefore if is door requires fire alarm interface Client is advised to check this with their appointed fire advisor, and check during regular fire alarm test as to whether this door does respond in a suitable way. Fire alarm interfacing and programming can be retrospectively carried out. Further information available on request.

Has it been tested


Safety Devices

Safety Devices Fitted
Door Type?

Side screen safety sensors installed?

Pockets screens installed?

1200mm barrier installed across opening section?

Hold Open Safety Beams Installed?

Are they installed between 300 & 600mm from floor level?

These are incorrectly installed and will require remedial works

Are safety devices adequate and compliant?

Is system operating as "Low Energy"?

As door are operating as "Low Energy" some safety devices are not required. It is considered that the door will present a risk on impact as impact level will be so low.

Opening side safety sensor fitted?

Closing side safety sensor fitted?

Do safety sensors work?

Do safety sensors meet standard?

Safety Device Checks

Inside Presence Safety Sensor Box Test

Outer Presence Safety Sensor Box Test

Side Screen Presence Safety Sensor Box Test

Door Stop/Reverse Test (low energy only)

Other Safety Devices

Finger protection installed?

Safety Railing(s) installed?

Are they installed correctly (gaps <50mm to frame)?

Are they filled in with glass or solid

Warning Signs installed?

Trap Points

Have any Trap Points been identified?

Trap Point

Hazard Type

Summary PMI Outcome

Additional Recommendations

Additional Recommendations

PMI Outcome

Based on the above assessment we consider this door system to have:

Congratulations your system has PASSED its basic visual PMI checks, and is considered at his time to be safe to operate.
Please ensure though you carry our regular visual checks and ensure any actions needed are reported immediately to us.

Your system is considered to have passed the basics visual checks, however we have identified additional further actions that are required to make the doors function fully or to meet the BS7036 standard to which they should have been installed. Additional remedial works will be provided to you in a separate report along with associated costs.

Your system is considered to have FAILED it's visual PMI checks on a number of serious items and in our opinion is unlikely to comply with BS7036 until these remedial actions are taken to ensure the door system is safe for use. The remedial actions will be provided to you in a separate report along with associated costs.

In the meantime you may wish to consider placing the door "out of action"until these remedial works are completed!

Your system has been CONDEMNED which indicates that we have found significant failures in either the door structure which could lead to injury, or failures in system operation that render the door unsafe for continued use.

We strongly advise the door be placed "out of action" until such time as remedial or replacement works can be carried out.

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.