Weekly clean

Date Completed

Empty fridge of all contents

Deep clean fridge (remove shelves, disinfect inside, remove any large ice blocks from the freezer)

Deep clean rotowash

Display cleaning instructions for the rotowash?

Holding waste water tray from rear, light slightly, pull back and empty - do not touch stripper blade

Rotowash 1.jpg

Turn back brush towards you to rotate drum - wipe drum

Rotowash 2.jpg

Remove back brush by pushing axle on one side and pulling out the other

Rotowash 3.jpg

Remove brush

Rotowash 5.jpg

Wipe inside the machine

Rotowash 6.jpg

Wash brush then place on brush guides

Rotowash 7.jpg

Replace axle from the side with the cable, rotate, push in until centralised

Rotowash 8.jpg

At front of machine, remove clean tray or pump, wipe underneath, set aside

Rotowash 9.jpg

- Remove front brush, clean and replace as below
- Replace clean tray / pump

Rotowash 10.jpg

Deep clean rotowash

Brushes left standing after rinsing

Limescale cleaning

Cleaning cupboard - Clean limescale from tap plungers and bases of taps

Duty Manager sign off
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