Training for:

Task No. 001 Desk working (admin)
Task No. 002 VDU (computer work)
Task No. 003 Driving at work
Task No. 004 Opening The building
Task No. 005 Closing The building
Task No. 006 Cash Handling
Task No. 007 Laminator
Task No. 008 Photocopier
Task No. 009 Guillotine
Task No. 010 Using the filling cabinet
Task No. 011 The safe
Task No. 012 Outreach - single
Task No. 013 Outreach - group
Task No. 014 Lost property
Task No. 015 Reporting defects
Task No. 016 Cleaning Skirting boards
Task No. 017 Cleaning Door frames
Task No. 018 Cleaning walls and tiles
Task No. 019 Using Ladders
Task No. 020 Cleaning Store cupboards
Task No. 021 Drains
Task No. 022 Transporting drinks
Task No. 023 Checking baby change
Task No. 024 Cleaning Gutters
Task No. 025 Cleaning Shower walls
Task No. 026 Litter Pick
Task No. 027 Disorderly behaviour
Task No. 028 De-scale shower heads
Task No. 029 Test fire alarms
Task No. 030 Test panic alarms
Task No. 031 Recycling rubbish
Task No. 032 Hanging banners
Task No. 033 Check outside of building
Task No. 034 Alarm call out
Task No. 035 De-icing paths
Task No. 036 Temperature checks
Task No. 037 First aid stock check
Task No. 038 Checking outside lights
Task No. 039 Testing emergency lights
Task No. 040 PPE check
Task No. 041 Checking torches
Task No. 042 Taking membership sales
Task No. 043 Tiled flooring
Task No. 044 Stock check
Task No. 045 Mopping floors
Task No. 046 Cleaning lockers
Task No. 047 Cleaning chrome
Task No. 048 V-sweeping
Task No. 049 Pest infestation
Task No. 050 Disposal of sharps
Task No. 051 Dusting
Task No. 052 Complaint handling
Task No. 053 Filling vending machine
Task No. 054 Empty vending machine
Task No. 055 Empty Money from hair dryers
Task No. 056 Cleaning Vending machines
Task No. 057 Fire extinguishers check
Task No. 058 High level changing a light bulb
Task No. 059 Changing a light bulb
Task No. 060 Clean light fittings
Task No. 061 Checking emergency exit signage
Task No. 062 Disinfect manhole
Task No. 063 Lifting manhole
Task No. 064 Cv equipment
Task No. 065 Mats
Task No. 066 Resistance machines
Task No. 067 First aid at reception
Task No. 068 First aid
Task No. 069 End of shift for receptionist
Task No. 070 End of day for receptionist
Task No. 071 Start of day for café
Task No. 072 End of day for café
Task No. 073 Cleaning mirrors
Task No. 074 Cleaning sinks
Task No. 075 Cleaning toilets
Task No. 076 Vacuuming
Task No. 077 Changing binbags
Task No. 078 Filling soap dispensers
Task No. 079 Filling loo rolls
Task No. 080 High level cleaning
Task No. 081 Deep cleaning
Task No. 082 Lifting boxes
Task No. 083 Moving boxes
Task No. 084 Under 8s
Task No. 085 Swimming lessons: children wanting the toilet
Task No. 086 Swim lesson change over
Task No. 087 Swim Lesson set up
Task No. 088 Swim Lesson set down
Task No. 089 Aqua set up
Task No. 090 Pa announcement
Task No. 091 building Patrols
Task No. 092 changing door settings
Task No. 093 Using till
Task No. 094 using phone
Task No. 095 moing tables
Task No. 096 moving chairs
Task No. 097 carrying resuscitation dolls
Task No. 098 carrying full buckets
Task No. 099 moving outside bins
Task No. 100 moving stero
Task No. 101 playing music
Task No. 102 Teaching swim lessons
Task No. 103 Teaching studio classes
Task No. 104 Access to roof plant
Task No. 105 high level maintence
Task No. 106 painting
Task No. 107 tea urn
Task No. 108 deliveries
Task No. 109 hot spot check
Task No. 110 check fire exits
Task No. 111 working on floating platform
Task No. 112 permit to work
Task No. 113 issue of permit to work
Task No. 114 work not requiring a permit to work
Task No. 115 hot works
Task No. 116 electrical works
Task No. 117 working at height
Task No. 118 confined spaces
Task No. 119 lost locker key
Task No. 120 locker break in
Task No. 121 transporting chemicals
Task No. 122 chemical spillage kits
Task No. 123 using chemical spillage kits
Task No. 124 RIDDOR
Task No. 125 Removing faeces and sick from pool
Task No. 126 Snow and Ice managerment
Task No. 127 Pool vac
Task No. 128 Cleaning free weights
Task No. 129 using knifes
Task No. 130 Knife storage
Task No. 131 Cleaning knives
Task No. 132 Changing clocks
Task No. 133 Unblocking toilet
Task No. 134 Cleaning water fountain
Task No. 135 Merlins soft play area
Task No. 136 Creche
Task No. 137 Backwash procedure
Task No. 138 Filling Sodium Bisulphate
Task No. 139 Filling Sodium Hypochorite
Task No. 140 Chlorine Testing
Task No. 141 Lifeguard rotations
Task No. 142 Pool Hoist
Task No. 143 pH testing
Task No. 144 Calcium hardness testing
Task No. 145 total alkilinity testing
Task No. 146 sulphate testing
Task No. 147 TDS testing
Task No. 148 PAC
Task No. 149 Using Coffee Machine
Task No. 150 Using Panini Machine
Task No. 151 Using the toaster
Task No. 152 Using the griller
Task No. 153 Using the deep fat fryer
Task No. 154 Using the microwave
Task No. 155 Using the Foamer
Task No. 156 Using the hot water machine
Task No. 157 Cleaning baby change
Task No. 158 Rescue Board
Task No. 159 Using the Slush puppy machine
Task No. 160 Using the Hot dog machine
Task No. 161 Cleaning poolside
Task No. 162 Cleaning scum troughs
Task No. 163 Cleaning changing rooms
Task No. 164 Rota washing carpets
Task No. 165 Putting in lane ropes
Task No. 166 Tightening lane ropes
Task No. 167 Putting in width ropes
Task No. 168 Bather head count sheets
Task No. 169 Removing lane ropes
Task No. 170 Pool Platforms
Task No. 171 Cleaning the Hot dog Machine
Task No. 172 Changing till roll
Task No. 173 Wiping down cubical panels
Task No. 174 Recalibrating dosing unit
Task No. 175 Using the smoothie Blender
Task No. 176 Stocking disposable overshoes
Task No. 177 Cleaning Stability Ball
Task No. 178 Checking Stability Ball
Task No. 179 Cleaning Battle ropes
Task No. 180 Checking Battle Ropes
Task No. 181 Checking TRX
Task No. 182 Cleaning TRX
Task No. 183 Setting up/Setting down TRX
Task No. 184 checking Kettlebells
Task No. 185 Cleaning Kettlebells
Task No. 186 Opening the Gym
Task No. 187 Closing The Gym
Task No. 188 Checking Vipers
Task No. 189 Cleaning Vipers
Task No. 190 Checking Boxing Bag
Task No. 191 Cleaning Boxing Bag
Task No. 192 Setting up/Setting down Boxing Bag
Task No. 193 Cleaning Treadmills
Task No. 194 Cleaning x trainers
Task No. 195 Cleaning steppers
Task No. 196 Cleaning Rowers
Task No. 197 Cleaning Bikes
Task No. 198 Cleaning Spin Bikes
Task No. 199 Serving Customers
Task No. 200 Cleaning Tea Urn
Task No. 201 Cleaning Air Vents
Task No. 202 Using Hot food probe
Task No. 203 Filling cone cups
Task No. 204 Using Studio Microphone
Task No. 205 Transporting Judo Mats
Task No. 206 Setting up Judo Mats
Task No. 207 Setting down Judo Mats
Task No. 208 Transporting table tennis
Task No. 209 Setting up table tennis
Task No. 210 Cleaning table tennis
Task No. 211 Using Evacuation chair
Task No. 212 Barister Coffee machine
Task No. 213 Single cup coffee machine
Task No. 214 Cleaning benches
Task No. 215 Cleaning Gym Screens
Task No. 216 Using a desk top fan
Task No. 217 Using Cash weighing scales
Task No. 218 Collecting and setting up ipod
Task No. 219 Using the ipods for Swimming lessons
Task No. 220 Violence to Staff
Task No. 221 Checking AED
Task No. 222 Manual Handling
Task No. 223 Sweeping fire exits/steps
Task No. 224 Booking customer onto classes
Task No. 225 Paying off customer on classes
Task No. 226 Moving customer to a different class
Task No. 227 Cleaning Merlins
Task No. 228 Slam Balls
Task No. 229 Hungarian Bags
Task No. 230 Pool Undercroft
Task No. 231 Types of membership
Task No. 232 Taking Staff training
Task No. 233 Taking first aid courses
Task No. 234 Cleaning Urinal traps
Task No. 235 Taking payments by card/cash
Task No. 236 Checking Day tank: acid
Task No. 237 Checking day tank: chlorine
Task No. 238 Plant room checks
Task No. 239 Opening the building as a lifeguard
Task No. 240 Closing the building as a lifeguard
Task No. 241 Transporting stock between ALC and ASP
Task No. 242 Opening top gate
Task No. 243 Closing top gate
Task No. 244 Wash down poolside
Task No. 245 Changing Manikin lungs
Task No. 246 Changing Manikin clickers
Task No. 247 Using hyphene
Task No. 248 Using azure fresh
Task No. 249 Using paraglass
Task No. 250 Using scale off
Task No. 251 Using evans toilet cleaner
Task No. 252 Using Drain opener
Task No. 253 Using cream cleaner
Task No. 254 Using lfit RTU
Task No. 255 Using est-eem
Task No. 256 Using Haz-tab
Task No. 257 Using rock salt

Training sheets

Select date
Training Location
Select Site Location
Identify Safe System of Work number

Safe System of Work number

Safe System of Work number

Safe System of Work number



which site are you at?

Andover Leisure Centre

ALC opening.PNG

Andover Swimming Pool

opening at asp.JPG

Charlton Lakeside Pavilion

CLP opening.PNG
What site is needed

Andover Leisure Centre

ALC close.PNG

Andover Swimming Pool

ASP close.PNG

Charlton Lakeside Pavilion

CLP close.PNG

Cashing up

cashing up.PNG

Checking float

checking float.PNG

Main day safes


Drop Safe

drop safe.PNG

lost property - ASP.PNG


skirting boards.PNG


walls and tiles.PNG

store cupboards.PNG



Baby change units.JPG

shower walls and flooring.JPG



All staff will:
a) Immediately inform the Duty Manager if a member of the public is acting in such a manner that may lead to endangering the safety of themselves or others. The Duty Manager can be contacted by radio.
b) Ask offenders to refrain from the activity.
c) Be polite but firm and explain why they should refrain from the activity.
d) If the first warning is ignored, arrange for a second warning to be delivered by a second member of staff if possible.

The Duty Manager will:
a) Ask offenders who ignore the instruction of staff, to leave the building and serious offenders may be refused future admission to the building. . A banning letter can be issued by the GM which is in the Operations Manual Section 7 – 7.7 banning notice.
b) Should call the police if the situation become volatile or the Duty Manager feels it may become dangerous.
c) Should arrange for all staff involved to complete an incident report form, the Duty Manager must then report this to the General Manager.

Under the influence

All staff will:
a) Notify the Duty Manager if you suspect that a person under the influence of drink or drugs

The Duty Manager will:
a) Confirm the suspicions and then ask the person to leave the Centre with another member of staff to act as a witness
b) Explain to the individual that their presence in the Centre may endanger their own and other users safety.
c) Arrange for the person to be escorted until they have left the Centre.
d) Arrange for the police to be called if they feel the person is a risk to her/ himself, any other customers or staff.
e) Attempt to keep other staff and members of the public isolated from the situation.
f) Arrange for all staff involved to complete an incident report form and report the incident to the General Manager.

Alledged Sexual Assault / Indecency

All staff will:
a) Notify the Duty Manager immediately if the disorderly behaviour is of a sexual or indecent nature.

The Duty Manager will:
a) Call the police or follow guidance in the Serious Incident Management Pack (SIMP).

de-scaling shower heads.JPG

Are you a Duty Manager?

Andover Leisure Centre

fire alc.PNG

Andover Swimming Pool

fire asp.PNG

Charlton Lakeside Pavilion

fire clp.PNG

At Andover Leisure Centre and Charlton Lakeside Pavilion:
Collect the key and make your way to the call point needed push the key into the gap provided and allow alarm to go off and then remove. Allowing the Duty manager to reset.

ALC Call point key

fire key alc.jpg

At Andover Swimming Pool:
Collect the call point key and make our way to the call point needed. Press the black dot on the call point once the alarm is sounding. Insert the key and twist resetting the alarm. This will then allow the duty manager to reset the fire panel.

ASP call point key

key asp.PNG

Andover Leisure Centre

panic alc.PNG

Andover Swimming Pool

panic asp.PNG

temp check.JPG

shower and tap temp check.JPG

firt aid stock.JPG

PPE check.JPG

Go around the centre and turn on each torch to check it works

Any problem inform the duty manager

Ensure torches are off when walking away

stock cehck.JPG




Please follow the instructions provided in the sharps kit

sharps instructions.jpg

Use gloves and the forceps provided


Make sure sharps tube is shut and disposed of into the sharps bins on site

sharps tube.jpg

For Broken Glass

Safe System of Work number



Only trained staff to complete

Ask the duty manager for the vending key from the key press

key press.jpg

Open up the vending machine and pull out each tray to count how much is required to fill

vending tray.jpg

Ensure the vending machine is closed back up and collect the required items from Andover Leisure centre

Place all items next to the vending machine ensuring these are out of the way so nobody can trip over them

Open the vending machine up again and pull out the required tray

vending machine.jpg

All new stock is to be put at the back of the line to ensure older products sell

Once each item has been filled make sure all tray an pushed in correctly and the machine is closed back up and locked shut

cleaning vending.PNG

fire extinushers.PNG



REsistance machines.JPG







loo rolls.JPG

What is the admission policy for under 8's?

set up lesons.PNG

lesson set down.PNG

lesson set down.PNG



manikin carrying.PNG

full buckets.PNG

Safe System of Work number

roof plant.JPG


hot spot.PNG

fire exits.PNG

permit to work.JPG

permit to work form.JPG

not needing a permit to work.JPG

hot works.JPG

electrical works.JPG

working at height.JPG

confined spaces.JPG

lost locker key.PNG

lockler break in.PNG

general spillage.PNG

chemical spillage.PNG

Solid Stool

1) If the release is a solid stool it should be retrieved and flushed down the toilet. The scoop disinfected using a 1% solution of Hypochlorite.
2) If the pool is operating to the current levels of disinfection, no further action is necessary.

Faeces smear in & around Poolside

1) Faeces smeared on slides, tiling or other surfaces in contact with pool water should be cleaned off and the surface.
2) Disinfect the area with a one per cent solution of hypochlorite.

Runny or Soft Stools (diarrhoea like)

1) If the stool is liquid, runny or soft and breaking up (like diarrhoea), and then the pool (and other pools whose water treatment is linked) should be cleared immediately.
2) If the incident is in a small children's pool it may be necessary to empty and clean before refilling and re-opening. Prior to doing this contact Group Health and Safety Co-ordinator or Group Technical Support Manager.
3) Where draining is not practicable hold the disinfectant residual of the pool at the top of its set range and the ph value at the bottom of its set range for a minimum of 30 minutes. After the contamination has cleared.
4) A minimum of 3 water tests for chlorine residual (free chlorine) need to be made at the shallow and deep ends and the area where the faecal release occurred.
5) If residual levels are correct, then bathers should be allowed back into the pool.

Customers and Contaminated Pools

1) In the event of a pool being cleared due to fouling, swimmers should be encouraged to shower thoroughly when they have left the water.
2) When there is more than one pool the swimmers must shower before using an alternative pool.
3) A supply of complimentary tickets will be available for customers asked to leave.
4) DM must confirm that the pool has been evacuated due to an incident.


Small amounts of blood i.e. a nose bleed will be dispersed and germs killed by the disinfectant in the water.

1) Blood on the poolside should not be washed into the pool or poolside drains. Like blood spillage anywhere, it should be dealt with using strong disinfectant – of a concentration equivalent to 10,000mg/l of available chlorine. A 10:1 dilution of the hypochlorite may be used.
2) Using disposable gloves, the blood should be covered with paper towels, gently flooded with the disinfectant and left for two minutes before cleared away.
3) On the poolside, the affected area will be washed with pool water (and washings disposed of not in the pool). Elsewhere, the disinfected area should be washed with water and detergent and, if possible, left to dry. The bagged paper towels and gloves should be placed in sanitary bins for correct disposal.


It is not unusual for swimmers to vomit after swallowing water and is unlikely to present a threat through infection. If contents of the stomach are vomited into a pool, the bather may be suffering from a gastrointestinal infection. If known to be cryptosporidiosis, infective, chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium oocysts will be present. This is an unevaluated risk. PWTAG recommends that vomit in the pool should be treated as if it were blood.

1) Vomiting will result in temporarily clearing the pool.
2) Scoop up vomit where possible and allowing the pollution to disperse and any infective particles to be neutralised by the residual disinfectant.

3) DM’s need to confirm that disinfectant residuals and pH values are within the recommended ranges before bathing resumes.

pool vac.PNG

Free weights.JPG



filling chl2.PNG






sulphate testing.PNG

TDS testing.PNG

Coffee machine.PNG

Safe System of Work number



fat fryer.PNG


hot water.PNG

Not currently at site

Slush puppy.PNG

poolside clean.JPG


hand scrub changing room.JPG

Machine wash changing.JPG

Holding waste water tray from the rear, light slightly, pullback and empty - do not touch stripper blade

Turn back brush towards you to rotate drum - wipe drum

Removed back brush by pushing axle on one side and pulling out the other

Remove brush

Wipe inside the machine

Wash brush then place on brush guides

Replace axle from the side with cable, rotate, push in until centralised

At front of machine, remove clean tray or pump, wipe underneath, set aside

Remove front brush, clean and replace as below

Replace clean tray / pump

lane ropes putting in.JPG

tighening lane ropes.JPG

width ropes.JPG

BAther head count.JPG

lane ropes removing.JPG

changing till rolls.PNG

cubical panels.JPG

stocking disposible overshoes.JPG

cleaning swiss ball.JPG

checking swiss ball.JPG

Cleaning battleropes.JPG

Checking battleropes.JPG

Checking TRX.JPG

Cleaning TRX.JPG

TRX set up.JPG

checking kettlebells.JPG

cleaning kettlebells.JPG

opening gym.JPG

closing gym.JPG

checking vipers.JPG

cleaning vipers.JPG

checking boxing.JPG

cleaning boxing.JPG

boxing bag set up.JPG






serving customers.PNG

Safe System of Work number

cone cups.JPG

judo transport.JPG

set up judo.JPG

setting down judo.JPG

TRansporting table tennis.JPG

setting up table tennis.JPG

cleaning table tennis.JPG
Evac Chair Training

1. Why Evac Chair?

2. Preparing The Chair

3. Preparing To Receive A Passenger

4. Using The Head Strap

5. Using The Comfy Seat

6. Balance Position

7. Moving Forwards

8. Decent

9. Pivot

10. Exiting Buildings

11. Procedure For Closing The Chair

12. Carrying Procedure

13. Transfer Technique


Machine screens.JPG


sweeping fire exits.JPG

Merlins cleaning.JPG

Slam balls.JPG

cleaning hungraian bags.JPG

pool undercroft.JPG

KSD, KFD, KJD - Memberships by direct debit

KSA, KFA, KJA, - Annual membership

Premium - members pay a set amount a month and gain unlimited access to facilities.

SA - Swim Academy
Children on Swimming lessons gain free access to swimming outside of lessons

5 day pass, 7 day pass (premium membership for 5/7 days)

Places membership - access to app and booking online no discounts

de-scaling shower heads.JPG

de-scaling shower heads.JPG

urinal traps.JPG

Cash payment
• On the ePOS screen select the option you need


• This will then show a amount in the left hand box


• Next step is to press total
• Check the payment is on cash
• Then press the amount the customer is paying with e.g. £5.00
• By doing this, it will let you know how much change you are required to give the customer.


Card Payment
• On the ePOS screen select the option you need


• This will then show a amount in the left hand box


• Next step is to press total
• Then select card payment
• Then press add/finalise
• This will then prompt the card machine to start the process of taking payment.


checking acid day tank.JPG

checking chl day tank.JPG

checking plant room.JPG

opening ASP.PNG

Select which site

Clsoing ALC.PNG

Clsoing ASP.PNG

The lifeguard will follow the instructions of the key holder.

transporting stock from sites.JPG

opening top gate 2.JPG

closing thwe top gate.JPG

Changing lungs.JPG

Changing clickers.JPG






Safe System of Work number

Safe System of Work number

Wash down poolside.JPG
Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
Staff Who Completed The Training

Staff Being Trained

Staff Trained
Write & Sign Name
Trainers Signature - Confirm Attendance & Competence

Trainer Completing Training

Write & Sign Name

A copy needs to be kept for a minimum of 12months

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.