Training for:

Task No. 001 Setting up badminton
Task No. 002 Setting down badminton
Task No. 003 Checking badminton nets
Task No. 004 Moving badminton posts
Task No. 005 Setting up trampolines
Task No. 006 Setting down trampolines
Task No. 007 moving trampolines
Task No. 008 Cleaning trampolines
Task No. 009 Checking trampolines
Task No. 010 Set up 5 a side
Task No. 011 set down 5 a side
Task No. 012 set up tennis
Task No. 013 set down tennis
Task No. 014 Checking tennis nets
Task No. 015 Moving tennis posts
Task No. 016 setting scorboard
Task No. 017 high level dusting
Task No. 018 moving adjustable walls
Task No. 019 setting up netball
Task No. 020 setting down netball
Task No. 021 Checking netball posts/nets
Task No. 022 Moving netball posts
Task No. 023 setting up basketball
Task No. 024 setting down basketball
Task No. 025 Checking basketll nets
Task No. 026 Moveing basketball free standing nets
Task No. 027 setting up judo
Task No. 028 setting down judo
Task No. 029 moving judo mats
Task No. 030 Cleaning judo mats
Task No. 031 setting up taikwondo
Task No. 032 setting down taikondo
Task No. 033 moving taikondo mats
Task No. 034 Cleaning Taikondo mats
Task No. 035 setting up indoor hockey
Task No. 036 setting down indoor hockey
Task No. 037 setting up soft play
Task No. 038 setting down soft play
Task No. 039 Cleaning soft play
Task No. 040 Moveing soft play
Task No. 041 Checking soft play
Task No. 042 setting up Bouncy Castle 1
Task No. 043 setting down Bouncy Castle 1
Task No. 044 Checking Bouncy castle 1
Task No. 045 Cleaning bouncy castle 1
Task No. 046 Moving bouncy castle 1
Task No. 047 setting up Bouncy Castle 2
Task No. 048 setting down Bouncy Castle 2
Task No. 049 Checking Bouncy castle 2
Task No. 050 Cleaning bouncy castle 2
Task No. 051 Moving bouncy castle 2
Task No. 052 setting up Bouncy Castle 3
Task No. 053 setting down Bouncy Castle 3
Task No. 054 Checking Bouncy castle 3
Task No. 055 Cleaning bouncy castle 3
Task No. 056 Moving bouncy castle 3
Task No. 057 Setting up gymnastics flooring
Task No. 058 Setting down gymnastics flooring
Task No. 059 Moving Gymnastics flooring
Task No. 060 Cleaning gymnastics flooring
Task No. 061 Setting up high balance beam
Task No. 062 Setting down high balance beam
Task No. 063 Moving high balance beam
Task No. 064 Checking high blanace beam
Task No. 065 Cleaning high balance beam
Task No. 066 Setting up low balance beam
Task No. 067 setting down low balance bean
Task No. 068 Moving low balance beam
Task No. 069 Checking low balance beam
Task No. 070 Cleaning low balance beam
Task No. 071 setting up uneven bars
Task No. 072 Setting down uneven bars
Task No. 073 Moving uneven bars
Task No. 074 checking uneven bars
Task No. 075 cleaning uneven bars
Task No. 076 setting up Spring board
Task No. 077 setting down spring board
Task No. 078 moving spring board
Task No. 079 checking spring board
Task No. 080 Cleaning spring board
Task No. 081 setting up vault box
Task No. 082 setting down vault box
Task No. 083 moving vault box
Task No. 084 cleaning vault box
Task No. 085 checking vault box
Task No. 086 Setting up junior spring board
Task No. 087 Setting down junior spring board
Task No. 088 Moving junior spring board
Task No. 089 Cleaning junior spring board
Task No. 090 Checking junior spring board
Task No. 091 Setting up parallel bars
Task No. 092 setting down parallel bars
Task No. 093 moving parallell bars
Task No. 094 cleaning parallel bars
Task No. 095 Checking parallel bars
Task No. 096 setting up volleyball
Task No. 097 setting down volleyball
Task No. 098 Checking volleyball nets
Task No. 099 Setting up go karts
Task No. 100 Setting down go karts
Task No. 101 Cleaning go karts
Task No. 102 Checking go karts
Task No. 103 moving go karts
Task No. 104 Oiling go karts
Task No. 105 Operation go karts
Task No. 106 Setting up corner tyres
Task No. 107 moving corner tyres
Task No. 108 Checking Corner tyres
Task No. 109 Setting up inflatable (module)
Task No. 110 setting down inflatable (module)
Task No. 111 Moving inflatble (module)
Task No. 112 Cleaning inflatable (module)
Task No. 113 Checking inflatable (module)
Task No. 114 Lifeguarding inflatable (module)
Task No. 115 Allowing customers onto inflatable (module)
Task No. 116 ancoring inflatable to wall points. (modular)
Task No. 117 Issue of lifejackets
Task No. 118 Return of lifejackets
Task No. 119 Checking lifejackets
Task No. 120 Cleaning lifejackets
Task No. 121 Setting up inflatable (crawley)
Task No. 122 Setting down inflatable (crawley)
Task No. 123 moving inflatable (crawley)
Task No. 124 Cleaning inflatable (crawley)
Task No. 125 Checking inflatable (crawley)
Task No. 126 Moving air blowers
Task No. 127 Checking air blower
Task No. 128 Issueing swim tag
Task No. 129 returning swim tag
Task No. 130 setting up starting blocks
Task No. 131 Setting down starting blocks
Task No. 132 Fun swim set up
Task No. 133 Closing poolside gates
Task No. 134 Opening of poolside gates
Task No. 135 Lesson set up in teaching pool
Task No. 136 Lesson set up in main pool
Task No. 137 Club set up in main pool
Task No. 138 lowering movable flooring in teaching pool
Task No. 139 rasing movable flooring in teaching pool
Task No. 140 Using pool hoist
Task No. 141 Cleaning pool hoist
Task No. 142 Putting in lane ropes
Task No. 143 removing lane ropes
Task No. 144 set up for aqua fit in teaching pool
Task No. 145 Cleaning pool features on the splash pad
Task No. 146 Cleaning chrome around polside
Task No. 147 Setting up flags
Task No. 148 setting down flags
Task No. 149 Cleaning poolside
Task No. 150 Cleaning first aid room
Task No. 151 Cleaning sauna
Task No. 152 Cleaning steam room
Task No. 153 Dropping children off for lessons
Task No. 154 Picking children up after lessons
Task No. 155 Children wanting the toilet during lessons
Task No. 156 Under 8's
Task No. 157 Putting in Pool Vac
Task No. 158 Cleaning Pool Vac
Task No. 159 Putting out swim tag block timers
Task No. 160 Using pool view
Task No. 161 Clip and climb birthday parties
Task No. 162 Cleaning adventure play
Task No. 163 Putting on a harness
Task No. 164 taking off a harness
Task No. 165 clipping in a harness
Task No. 166 unclipping a harness
Task No. 167
Task No. 168 drop off for holiday club
Task No. 169 Birthday parties
Task No. 170 admin
Task No. 171 driving at work
Task No. 172 using the filing cabinet
Task No. 173 using gillontine
Task No. 174 using laminator
Task No. 175 using primter
Task No. 176 VDU
Task No. 177 Opening the building
Task No. 178 Closing the bulilding
Task No. 179 PAC
Task No. 180 Filling chlorine
Task No. 181 Filling acid
Task No. 182 moving chlorine
Task No. 183 moving acid
Task No. 184 Backwashing
Task No. 185 Re-calibrating dosing unit
Task No. 186 Openign the gym
Task No. 187 Closing the gym
Task No. 188 Cleaning resistance machines
Task No. 189 Checking resistance machines
Task No. 190 Cleaning free weights
Task No. 191 Checking free weights
Task No. 192 Cleaning cardio machines
Task No. 193 Checking cardio machines
Task No. 194 Cleaning TRX
Task No. 195 Checking TRX
Task No. 196 Cleaning battle ropes
Task No. 197 Checking battle ropes
Task No. 198 Cleaning slam balls
Task No. 199 Checking slam balls
Task No. 200 Cleaning bulgarian bags
Task No. 201 Checking bulgarian bags
Task No. 202 Cleaning kettlebells
Task No. 203 Checking kettlebells
Task No. 204 Testing panic alarm
Task No. 205 Testing fire alarm
Task No. 206 Pa annocment
Task No. 207 Cash handling
Task No. 208 Cashing up
Task No. 209 Serving cutomers
Task No. 210 Answering telephone
Task No. 211 Using the till
Task No. 212 Booking onto classes
Task No. 213 Taking payments for classes
Task No. 214 Scannig stock
Task No. 215 Taking payments by cash
Task No. 216 Taking payments by card
Task No. 217 Checking spin bikes
Task No. 218 Cleaning spin bikes
Task No. 219 using movable wall in studio
Task No. 220 using air con
Task No. 221 using heater
Task No. 222 Using the safe
Task No. 223 moving customer to different classes
Task No. 224 taking temperature checks
Task No. 225 taking calorifies checks
Task No. 226 checking dry plant
Task No. 227 checking main pool plant
Task No. 228 checking teaching pool plant
Task No. 229 checking splash pad plant
Task No. 230 checking sauna plant
Task No. 231 Cleaning clip and climb
Task No. 232 Cleaning module inflatable
Task No. 233 v-sweeping main hall
Task No. 234 mopping floors
Task No. 235 Cleaning toilets
Task No. 236 cleaning sinks
Task No. 237 Cleaning mirrors
Task No. 238 Hoovering
Task No. 239 using hyphene
Task No. 240 using azure fresh
Task No. 241 using scale off
Task No. 242 using paraglass
Task No. 243 Using evans toilet cleaner
Task No. 244 Using Drain opener
Task No. 245 Using cream cleaner
Task No. 246 Using lfit RTU
Task No. 247 Using est-eem
Task No. 248 Using Haz-tab
Task No. 249 Using rock salt
Task No. 250 Changing manikin clickers
Task No. 251 Changing manikin lungs
Task No. 252 Changing manikin faces
Task No. 253 Sweeping fire exits/ramps
Task No. 254 litter picking
Task No. 255 De-scalling shower heads
Task No. 256 descaling shower walls
Task No. 257 Cleaning lockers
Task No. 258 Cleaning vending machines
Task No. 259 Filling vending machine
Task No. 260 cashing off vending machine
Task No. 261 cashing up café
Task No. 262 Cleaning glass
Task No. 263 Cleaning up sick
Task No. 264 Cleaning up faeces
Task No. 265 Cleaning up blood

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Safe System of Work number

Safe System of Work number

Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
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Evac Chair Training

1. Why Evac Chair?

2. Preparing The Chair

3. Preparing To Receive A Passenger

4. Using The Head Strap

5. Using The Comfy Seat

6. Balance Position

7. Moving Forwards

8. Decent

9. Pivot

10. Exiting Buildings

11. Procedure For Closing The Chair

12. Carrying Procedure

13. Transfer Technique

Cash payment
• On the ePOS screen select the option you need


• This will then show a amount in the left hand box


• Next step is to press total
• Check the payment is on cash
• Then press the amount the customer is paying with e.g. £5.00
• By doing this, it will let you know how much change you are required to give the customer.


Card Payment
• On the ePOS screen select the option you need


• This will then show a amount in the left hand box


• Next step is to press total
• Then select card payment
• Then press add/finalise
• This will then prompt the card machine to start the process of taking payment.


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Safe System of Work number

Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
Safe System of Work number
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