• Outside Relative Humidity:

  • Outside Air Temperature:

  • Day of the week

1.) Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in compliance with organization guidelines

  • Thermostat settings meet guidelines.

  • Building temperatures meet guidelines .

  • Fan coil units properly set-back.

  • Night/weekend/holiday set-back procedures followed per regulation 494-1.

  • Boiler/circulating pump operating times OK

  • Time clocks/EMS set correctly.

  • Vestibule/stairwell heaters turned to OFF at night.

  • Domestic hot water circulating pumps off during unoccupied times.

  • What are the enter and leave water temperatures for the boilers?

  • Boiler Temperatures
  • Enter water temperature:

  • Leave water temperature:

  • What are the enter and leave water temperatures for chiller?

  • Chiller Temperatures
  • Enter water temperature:

  • Leave water temperature:

  • Other

2.) Doors and windows:

  • Exterior/vestibule doors shut when heating/cooling in use.

  • Windows shut.

  • Instruction room doors shut when heating/cooling air in use.

  • Weather stripping okay.

  • Other

3.) Computers and peripherals:

  • Off at night.

  • Sleep mode during occupied.

  • Audio-visual equipment OFF

  • Other

4.) Lighting OFF in unoccupied:

  • Instruction rooms

  • Offices

  • Library

  • Dining area

  • Kitchen

  • Hallways

  • Lounges

  • Workrooms

  • Restrooms

  • Gymnasium

  • Locker rooms

  • Field houses

  • Stadium/press box

  • Storage rooms

  • Mechanical rooms

  • Custodian closets

  • Auditorium

  • Security lights/time clocks adjusted correctly

  • Other

5.) Plumbing/irrigation:

  • Organization's water guidelines being observed

  • Water fountains operating properly

  • Faucets operating properly

  • Commodes and urinals properly adjusted

  • Mechanical room plumbing OK

  • Cooling tower operating properly

  • Other

6.) Miscellanous:

  • Copiers, office equipment OFF

  • Exhaust fans OFF in non-critical areas

  • Logger data being collected.

  • Personal appliances?

  • Other

  • Energy Specialist

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